in commemoration of
her 50th birthday anniversary, the Felicia
Okonkwo ‘ Against All Odds, I Know an Amazing
Nigerian Woman’ Writing Competition will set sail
as we celebrate the incredible Nigerian women
who are impacting families and birthing changes
in communities.
Photo credit: ©2012 Desta Laiser/World Vision via
Do you know an amazing Nigerian woman? Do
you know one who despite severe financial
handicaps, has made great sacrifices to surmount
the odds and rescue her family from abject
poverty? Has she affected the lives of not just her
family but the community at large? Has she gone
far beyond the call of duty in her workplace,
street, place of worship, market-place or the
community at large? Do you know that Nigerian
woman who has prevailed against all odds,
endured huge sacrifices and toiled unendingly? Do
you know an Amazing Nigerian Woman?
Then share her story with Nigerians and Africans
at large! Celebrate that terrific Nigerian woman,
inspire Africans and win mouth-watering prizes
all in the bargain!
Entry Requirements Are:
1. Submissions must be between 500 and 1000
2. It must be an original work and include at least
one picture and the contact details of the subject
that is your ‘Amazing Nigerian Woman.’
3. Kindly ensure that your submission is
accompanied by a short profile of the author.
4. Entries should be sent in the body of the mail
with the title, ‘I Know an Amazing Nigerian
Woman…’ to
5. Submissions open 13th October 2014 and close
by midnight on 2nd November, 2014.
6. Like our Facebook Page
konnectafrica and follow us on Twitter
@konnect_africa for updates and feedback.
7. Voting for the top 3 entries will be carried out on
Our double combo includes prizes for the authors
and the amazing women they write about!
Author Prizes:
1st Prize: A Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 inches
2nd Prize: A Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.7 inches
3rd Prize: A Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0
The Amazing Women Prizes:
1st Prize: N100, 000 and a feature on
2nd Prize: N80, 000
3rd Prize: N50, 000
Judging and Judges
Judging will be based on Originality and
Creativity; but much more than the writers’
dexterity and prowess in wielding words, the
Amazing Nigerian Woman must truly and
unequivocally be a source of inspiration and
empowerment in her sphere of influence.
Our Judges are:
Mr. Ogbo Awoke Ogbo – Motivational Speaker/
Executive Coach, Giantthoughts International,
Mrs. Nneamaka Nkanang- Founder & CEO, Ribel
Couture and Carte Blanche Catering
Miss.Uche Okonkwo – Managing Editor, Kachifo
Mrs. Seun Sangoleye – Mom-In-Chief, Baby Grubz
Mr. Chukwuma Muanya – Senior Reporter and
Head/Editor Science and Health Desk
Timeline of Events
13th October, 2014 – Competition opens.
14th October – 2nd November, 2014 – Entries
will be received from all over Nigeria. Entries
submitted after 2nd November will not be
3rd – 23 rd November 2014 – The Judges
shortlist the Top 5 entries
24th – 28 th November 2014 – Voting
commences on for three (3)
winning entries to emerge.
29th November 2014 – Winners are announced.
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*By submitting articles for this competition,
candidates give KonnectAfrica.Net and Felicia
Okonkwo the right to reproduce and distribute the
article in printed, electronic or any other medium;
and to edit as is deemed appropriate, while duly
recognising its author[s].