My dearest child,
First, I want to apologize for having not written you in a long time. Honestly, in all my life I haven’t really thought of you….until today. I realize how disappointing that might have sounded considering I’m a woman and it’s expected that such thoughts might have crossed my mind at some point…well I guess I have just arrived at that point. My point. It came like an overwhelming force; filling some void I never thought existed. As a matter of fact, I haven’t been able to stop imagining how you will look like, your smile, your chuckle, and the dimples on your cheek when you smirk. I’m sure you will have an absolutely adorable grin. I haven’t been able to stop wondering if you will look more of me or more of your dad. Will you have the same lips as mine? Will you have my flat nose and tiny ears? You see, I have this strange mark across my face, a feature I had somewhat inherited from my mother, your soon to be grandmother. I can’t help but wonder if it’s like some generic passage thing and if you’ll have that too. I also wonder if you will come first as a male or a female…hmmm…I don’t think I would care really, because either way, I’d love you more than life itself. That being said, I really cannot wait to see you…to have you look into my eyes when you suck from my breasts. This longing to see you has suddenly become unbearable to the point that, I pause whatever it is I am doing to watch a baby cereal advert on television or listen to some diapers commercial on radio. As silly as this may sound, I keep hoping I will hear your voice or probably see you on television… ….…How that is possible, is the purpose for this letter. When did you say you are coming again?
It’s been over a year now that I had suddenly realized how important it is to have you and your siblings in my life. I suddenly don’t think I want to continue existing without any of you. The thought of having ‘Mini-mes’ running around my cushion with ’Mummy’ on their lips was starting to sound more appealing like some great accomplishment. What was life without ones to call your own I have often wondered? Well your guess is as good as mine. It would be filled with emptiness…loneliness, nonfulfillment. Anyways, I am not ignorant of the fact that this desire cannot be achieved alone. I don’t want to end up like one of your uncles who passed away several years ago without leaving a copy of himself behind because he couldn’t find the woman of his dreams. So I know I will need a husband and you a father and there lies the real problem. I have no doubt in my mind that you will not hesitate to come as soon as I find your daddy but sweetheart, you have absolutely no idea how difficult that has been. I cannot begin to explain to you how much heartache I have suffered all in the effort of finding your father. It is like finding a needle on the floor when it never fell on it in the first place. You are crawling on the floor, searching, looking, your knees scrabbled from the desperation….you have no idea. So this is what I’ll suggest, since you are still heaven and have a closer link with the Messiah, you could probably talk with Him for me (it’s not like I haven’t been doing that o, you can even ask Him how many times we’ve discussed this. The thing is, He has just been silent about the matter which I must confess is starting to drive me crazy). So kindly talk to Him for me ehn, explain to Him how important it is for me to find your daddy as soon as possible, so that you can come quickly…
Come to think of it, this your daddy sef. Isn’t he tired of waiting too? Doesn’t he miss you as much as I miss you? Doesn’t he want you and your siblings to arrive quickly? What is keeping him? I’m pretty sure that if someone were to ask him wherever he is, he would say he needs to set up a dynasty first where we can all rule as kings and queens…but can’t he see that time is going, menopause sets at forty o? Dynasty or no Dynasty…we are already kings and queens….in God’s kingdom. Me I’m tired o, I’m truly tired of waiting for him, if not that it wasn’t possible to have you without him, I wouldn’t have been bothering myself (I wouldn’t lie, there are unnatural ways to get you here faster but it would mean, that you wouldn’t have a daddy and that would be so unfair to you and your siblings and besides, I’m a traditional woman. I want to have you the natural way… #whispers# heard it’s even sweeter and better. The unnatural way that is, Artificial insemination made possible by science and technology comes with some unnecessary complications. So you see, I need your father immediately). My arms are truly aching to hold you my dearest; even my nipples are getting irking because they want to feel your lips on them. I’m sure my ovaries are tired of producing eggs that never get fertilized. Even the cramps I used to suffer have suddenly stopped torturing me because they’ve finally realized I’m no longer paying attention to them…….. To be continued.