Like one of my friends would say “it is well”. Hmm, it really is, but I wouldn’t deny the fact that things will elevate from well to better as soon as I hear your cry and find you wailing for my touch. I know being a mother goes beyond the desire to procreate…it takes hardworking, wisdom, patience, tolerance, endurance, money and so much more to raise a child to an adult…..not just an adult, a proper adult with self-dignity and integrity. I was once a child na, so I know that the amount spent to bring me up to such independent level is immeasurable. Therefore, I know the race will not be easy…whoever said good things come easy? But I am ready…Laced and booted to run this race. I may not know everything but I’m a fast learner and I will definitely pick up the clues as we go.
This reminds me. Please, when you do decide to come, don’t forget to come with many blessings o, this place isn’t easy at all. The price of garri in the market has doubled over the last year. The Nigerian economy keeps going up and never coming down. Few months ago, some statistical data revealed we have a flourishing economy which by the way, confuses me because baby diapers seem to cost the same amount as my scandals; probably they meant inflation…. so you see my dear, we could use all blessings we could get but I’m sure that by the grace of God, we will survive, not just survive, live triumphantly . Wealth and finance will never be an issue. #Amen#. You will wear the latest baby clothes, and eat and drink the most nourishing cereals #Amen o#. You see, Mummy is working very hard. I’m really working hard to make myself into the mother you will be proud of and I’m sure your dad is working hard too…wherever he is #rollingmyeyes#. We are all doing these to make sure we can afford to give you all the finest things in life and even send you overseas to further your education when you grow up. We are also somewhat hoping that the Nigeria educational system would have improved by then and there may probably be no need to send you so far away to get such quality education.
Hmmm… I have to run now my darling. My boss just walked in. I promise to write to you again whenever I can. So be good Nicole, make sure you don’t bother Mr. Messiah up there and I’ll see you when the time is right. Extend my love to your siblings and continue to lead a good example to them as my first child…
…..With so much love
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