”Thank you for your interest in the freelance writer position at Writers.ph. After a careful review of your recent on-line application we regret to inform you that we can not accept your application. At the present time your skills, experience, and education do not match our current needs and hiring requirements. Again, we appreciate your interest in our company and wish you the best of luck in your job search and future endeavors.”
^^ I received this message today from a writing firm i had applied for a job. Believe me, it was disheartening and unexpected. I held my breathe in anticipation for a mail from the company thinking the job was as good as mine.
Naturally, i was thrown-off like a writer with misplaced MOJO but i had to pick myself up as i had everything to lose.
Of course it is frustrating to receive a rejection message from a potential client or company especially when your expections are ladder high probably because your have sent in your best cover letter, sample work or what have you. But on the long run, it could be a blessing in disguise if you wish it so.
Being rejected despite sending in your most polished work means you are not good enough at least to someone out there. And as a writer, there should be no room for that.
Getting rejected means you are missing something, you are not doing something right, you probably need to improve your editing skills or get someone to edit for you, and many other reasons.
Fine you have a right to be pissed for being rejected (maybe you don’t) but do not be mad for more than five minutes. After that, you must channel this anger to something. Perhaps create a blog, make a blog
post, write a poem, write an article, study a whole alphabet in the dictionary,… Just about anything that will improve who you are as a writer. Anger have proved to be one of the best mood for writers, do not let it go to waste.
You sent in your best work and got rejected, now build yourself to get a new best and never be discouraged.
I should probably stop here for now…….