I had been relishing the prospect of smoking weed for the past weeks even
though way before, a younger me had rebuked people that had anything to do
with marijuana. “Argghhh it reeks badly,
it makes you look like a local tout” I had once said. I had been told it
could make you go crazy and I didn’t want to join Monday, the mad man on
our street. Even as I grew and ventured into a whole lot of things I
thought I’ll never do,
I was pretty certain I’ll never do marijuana. So what made it special all
of a sudden? Why was it the new cool? why were the famous musicians and
celebrities celebrating it? On social media, everyone was bragging
about how cool they were cause they smoke weed, even girls found it
awesome. Guys seemed to like girls that get stoned which is one of the
names of the state you’re in when you smoke it. Girls loved guys
who smoked weed, it ws like the world had changed. All my friends were
doing it, “its high time I tried this thing” I thought so I decided to get
information about marijuana, everything I needed to know,
the advantage, disadvantages and side effects. A friend of mine, Henry who
was very cool claimed to have been smoking pot another synonym for weed,
since he was ten years old which means he had been a stoner for over ten
years. Henry did
put me through on a lot of misconceptions I previously had, “Weed is good
but its over hyped by these artistes, I use it to relax myself, it gives a
wonderful feeling and brings out your true personality but has to be done
in moderation”
Henry advised. After I had gathered all the information I needed to know,
the advantages like being relaxed, showing your true self, forgetting your
worries, being happy, being confident amongst others and disadvantages
like smelling badly, doing cray stuffs (which might be an advantage),
having memory loss, losing weight, having black lips, getting addicted,
getting arrested since its illegal in most countries. I made up
my mind to smoke it. I couldn’t roll a blunt (another synonym for weed)
aand I didn’t really care since I had been told that the knowledge of
rolling is the beginning of addiciton. It was hard getting somebody to roll
my first blunt but eventually it was rolled,
I smoked and the big shocker, I felt nothing, absolutely nothing except
that my eyes were red. I had swallowed the smoke as it turned out, I ought
to have inhaled then exhale. This I learnt the next day on the internet and
also how to roll a joint (another synonym for weed).
I was tired of scouting people just to roll my weed so I learnt the very
next day after smoking my first spliff (another synonym). My cannabis
(another synonym) wasn’t perfectly rolled until about the fourth time I was
bearing in mind that I gave a space of days in between, I was still not
addicted. The fifth occassion, I was really high, completely baked (another
name for the state when you smoke). I was so stoned, I had a few more drags
to take but I was scared since I had never felt
that way before and I didn’t want to end like Monday. My eyes were seeing
double, the ground felt far away from my feet, I felt an extra head behind
my original head, my neck bone gone completely soft, I found myself blowing
“smoke” without no smoke out of my mouth when I was done smoking. I felt
really big like anybody that wanted a fight with me will be going down. I
was laughing uncontrollably too, everything was funny.
I decided to wash off the smell so I stepped into the bathroom, the soap
looked so far away but it was really just there, I felt like my body was
vanishing away from me, I was scared I was dying away but then my mind told
me “its just the weed”.
I had to do work on my computer so I had to saty focused, it was hard but I
found myself doing so many things I couldn’t remember doing right before I
saw myself doing them. My thinking was very sharp and accurate,
I played music and it felt like a concert was organised for my head alone.
After all the fun, I was so excited about the night, “this had to happen
again” I thought. Know that all my thoughts and contrdicting ones were
spoken aloud.
I was hearing voices of all my family members that were asleep, I was also
scared one would wake up and speak to me and the weed will answer. It was a
great experience. I feel since weed brings out our true selves,
being sober should be illegal cause we’re living a lie, the police hould
arrest anyone who is not high. My eyes are red as the devil right now, I’m
blowing invisible smoke, laughing as hell, feeling buff,
my body is leaving me, I just smoked weed.,
(c) Paolo Abamwa contact the writer at: paolokonqueror@gmail.com