While some persons are born writers, everyone has a story inside of them. Who knows, your first story could bring you the orange prize. Lol.
Before i shut my eyes, here’s a little good night present for y’all. Five quick tips to writing a story and guess what? It applies to everyone!
Have a provoking title: whenever i surf book sites or visit a bookshop for a book, the first thing that get to me is a book with a catchy title. No one would ever care to check the content of your book if you have a wayward title.
Cut down the grammer: while some persons love books with skull cracking words, most people don’t. I know i don’t! Comeon, who would enjoy reading a book where you have no idea of what fifty percent of it is talking about. Nigerians love ‘things fall apart’ because you don’t need to run over to a dictionary even minute.
Don’t bore your readers with descriptions: some writers add unnecessary descriptions probably to make their work bulky. Well guess what. It only makes readers toss it aside.
kill your readers with suspense: Not literarily obviously but humans love suspense. At the end of each division or episode, give them something to look forward to.
Relate to life: Ever wonder why war stories always win awards? It’s because it relates to what had happened and what still happens. There are other ways you could relate to life too and i am not talking above love stories.(bollywood have made sure we have enough to last a lifetime)