”once beaten,twice shy” patience replied. ”she would never make the same mistake again and moreover,she would be going with me instead-” she stopped.
”well said barrister” mrs shola complimented and patience smiled. ”she turned face her daughter and put up the motherly face. ”you can go with her” she said provoking a light jubilation from patience. ”but only on one condition” she added and patience froze abruptly.
”i knew nothing good comes easy” patience stated sadly and mrs shola laughed.
”i was pulling your legs’ there’s no condition”
”Thank you very much ma” a wide smile fleetingly erupted all over patience face.
”you are welcome”
”thanks mum” Bummi said coldly with a faint smile on her face and her mother nodded.
”okay girls,i need to rest. Tough day today” mrs sholay picked up her bga and walked gangly out out the living room.
”phew!” Bummi heaved when her mother was out of sight. ” that was close”
”yeah yeah” patience said with her nose up. ” and i saved the day like i always do.”she gloated.
”more like almost ruined it” bummi rolled her eyes at her friend. ” i can’t remember telling you to get a pass for me to a party”
”i had to improvise or would you rather i said the truth?” patience eyes popped and bummi nodded NO. ”i thought so too”
”well am not actually going to the party” bummi declared.
”like hell,you are. Your mum would know i lied if you don’t. And moreover i know you really want to go” she stucked her tongue out.
”pat,i really don’t know about it” Bummi’s forehead knitted it worry.
”loosen up babe. Nothing is going to go wrong. I will be ther remember!” she made a face that made Bummi smile.
”so back to the matter,are you going to tell your mum?” patience asked.
”About what?”
”the messages you saw on your dad’s phone of course. Whatelse will i be talking about?” she shot bummi a dirty look.
”so you really want me to tell the woman that i think her husband is cheating on her because i happened to see some suspicious texts while going through his phone; which at first i wasn’t suppose to go through?”
”you make it look as difficult as climbing mount everest” patience said in frustration. ”But yes,i think your mum derserves to know” she said moderately high.
”shsss” Bummi hushed her. ” bring your voice down or do you want to go through the explaination again?”
”all i am saying is that she’s bound to know at the end but it might be better if she knows now” patience said in a husky voice. ”don’t you see what happens in movies?”
”good thing you said movies. This is real life pat”
”movies are mirrors of reality. Haven’t they thought you that?” patience teased.
”it happens only in hollywood movies pat. This is nollywood.” bummi stuck out her tongue.
”if you say so”. Patience retreated. ”so where is your dad now?”
”dunno,maybe he’s in school or something”
”Today is saturday. School on saturday?” patience raised her eye brows.
”yeah… It’s possible. Maybe he fixed a makeup class or … I don’t know”
”or he is with Angel today…” patience hesitated a while. ” doing things” she winked.
”stop it joor. You don’t know that”
”yes ma’am” she pushed her nose up. ”how about your vampire twin. Where’s she on a sunless day?”
”probably taunting a poor soul to death. God knows i don’t want to know”
There was silence
*** ***