Ojo street was especially empty. It was one of those days when the sky would cry long enough to disrupt any trade business but not hard enough to provide water for the labourers down the street who need it for the ongoing building.
Bummi dropped the curtain when she saw her bestfriend,patience walk through the gate. She moved over to the door and opened it swiftly to let patience in.
”And i thought you were being attacked or something” patience frowned as she looked around the room without luck for something to dry her wet self. ”Am telling my mum it’s you if i catch a cold”
Bummi laughed and feigned a wince.
”Let me go get a towel for you. I will be back in a jiffy” she trotted into the house and was back in less than a minute.
She threw an orange coloured towel at patience who caught it with zest and towelled herself thankfully.
”Now what’s the matter?” patience asked bummi as she flinged the towel to the chair nearby.
”problem? I never said there was a problem,did i?” she gave a provocative smile that strucked patience numb.
”you mean i risked catching a fever,abandoned my chores and nearly slumped on my way here just to come over and see your not-so-pretty face?” patience protested.
”something like that” Bummi let out a light laugh. ”And i wanted to see your face too”
”so that’s what sos mean?” patience asked.
”you didn’t really think i was under an attack? Did you?” Bummi asked with an almost serious face.
Patience hissed lightly and fell to the chair behind her. She sulked.
”comeon pat” Bummi cried,trying to get a response from her friend who had refused to speak in the last minute. ”i was lonely and i needed my bestie”
still patience remained mute,now her mid finger danced in her mouth.
” I was losing my mind over here. I couldn’t stop thinking about whether to tell my mum about my dad or not.”
That got patience attention. She withdrew her finger from her mouth and sat upright.
” Have you confirmed it?” she asked bummi keenly.
”No i haven’t” Bummi bit her lower lips in regret. ”But it’s obvious,isn’t it?”
” Do you expect me to answer that for you?” patience smiled and got up frantically. ” Am farnished,do you guys have anything to eat?”
” There’s a bread in the fridge” Bummi answered without looking up.
Her mind wandered some place else. She weighed the several thought on her mind. The result were not as she would have it.
” Well i think you should tell your mother” patience voice pulled her back to reality.
” Tell me what?” mrs shola called,as she pushed the door opened and walked in,dripping water all over the tiled floor. ”oh welcome mum” Bummi gasped uneasily.
”welcome ma” patience greeted more comfortably and mrs shola acknowledged them with her eye brows.
”so patience” mrs shola placed her bag on top of a cushion. ” what should Bummi tell her mum” she said dramatically.
”oh nothing important ma. You don’t need to worry about anything” patience forced a smile.
” Am not worried. But i still want to hear what she should tell me.”
Bummi shot her eyes in anticipation and prayed to whoever was in charge of lies to help her friend out with a very good one just this once. She promised never to ask again.
”ehm,she was wondering if you would let her come with me to kenedy’s party this week”
Bummi almost leaped from her seat. Firstly,she wanted to hug her bestfriend for a lied well said and then give her a slap for speaking about a party. She knew her mother hated anything that linked her to a party.
”you know how i feel about parties especially when it comes to Bummi” mrs shola complained.
”yes ma but this one is quite harmless” patience tried several smiles to influence mrs shola’s counternance but she failed. ”it’s just a birthday party”
”Right” mrs sholay usherred sarcastically. ” wasn’t it just a birthday party that made her a mother?” she was speaking to patience but stared at her daughter.
”yes ma it was but this time it will be different” patience said and Bummi smiled within.
She totally expected her mother’s question to put patience off but apparently even questions from a fine lawyer couldn’t unbalance her bestfried.
Mrs shola sighed and paused in thought. She looked from he daughter to patience back to her daughter and again to patience.
” How would it be different this time?” she asked. It sounded like a final question.