‘what’s wrong?’ jack called when he noticed her standing transfixed.
‘there’s someone there’ she crooned as she fought the shivers.
Jack got up solemnly and looked to the direction she had her eyes fixed on.
‘who’s there?’ he called out with is very masculine voice. ‘show your face’ he said fearlessly.
At that,the person emerged from the dark. It was Tom and he seemed like he was sobbing.
‘oh God!’ linda exclaimed,totally abashed with the whole situation. She felt her jaw open as she place her palms to block her face from pulling in shame then she heard someone laughing beside her. It was jack. How could he laugh about the situation? She wondered disturbingly then she heard another voice join in the laugh galour. It was coming from where Tom stood. What was going on? She was frightened.
‘relax Linda’
she heard Tom say as he pulled down her hands.
‘it was a game’ he said.
‘and i won!’ jack added and ran upstairs,out of their sight.
‘a game?’ linda still shivered. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
‘yeah’ Tom replied smiling. ‘ have a sit’ the sat.
He explained to her,how himself and jack had made a bet on who was better with women. Jack had dared him that he could win ove his wife but he had differed.
‘so you used me for a game?’ tears streamed from her eyes as she spoke.
‘comeon now,no tears. Afterall it was i who lost the bet’
‘time to go brother’ jack called as he emerged from the stairs with two travelling bags on both his hands. ‘linda,it was more than a pleasured’ he bowed and moved out.
‘be right back’ Tom said to his wife who was now drenched with tears.
‘you got lucky’ he said to Jack as he got outside.
‘and you always say that’ jack smiled proudly. ‘ i will be waiting to hear from you’.
Tom nodded and patted his brother on the back.
‘but you know it,right?’ jack got serious.
‘know what? Tom asked.
‘that she will never look at you the same again’ his voice pierced through Tom’s head. ‘ i think the question is;how would you look at her now?’ he said and walked off without getting an answer.
Tom looked on until his brother shud the gate behind him. For the first time,he realized that he had done a foolish thing. His marriage would never remain the same. He looked back at the door behind him and lost the appetite of going back to face his wife.
…….THE END……….