Silence and loneliness haunted Linda as she layed down in her room. She searched the ceiling for ideas on what to do but all she saw was a baby spider trying to catch up with and older one.
She closed her eyes to reminisce her escapde with Jack the previouse day. Her face glowed with sunshine smile as she remembered every detail of it. She soaked in the estasy she derived from her memory until she heard a knock on the door.
She frowned a bit but relaxed her muscles when she remembered it could be jack knocking. She stepped down from her comfortable bed to open the door and hissed when she did.
‘can’t we have a minute of truce in this house?’ Tom said with a smile that disguisted her.
‘can’t i have my territory in this house?’ she countered.
‘it’s my house’ he grinned. ‘you can’t. Sorry baby’.
‘then am sorry we can’t have a truce’.
He stared at her,puzzled. He ignored her arrogance and spoke.
‘anyway,my car is bad and i really need to go out now. Can i borrow yours?’ he pleaded.
‘you can’t’ she walked back to her bed and fell on it. She picked up a music device and blocked her ears with the headset.
Tom watched helplessly and left whe he was certain she didn’t have his time.
Few minutes later linda could hear the gate open and close,signaling that he was gone.
She could stop pretending listening to a music now. She pulled the headset from her ears and faced the ceiling. The spiders were still there. It reminded her of her loneliness once more. She grunted.
Minutes later,she heard footsteps in the house. It had to be jack,she imagined. She tossed the device away,moved over to the mirrow where she straihtened herself. She scurried downstairs and met jack sitting on the couch. She sat adjacent him.
The whole time,they watched the tv passively and silently. Stealing glances at eachother. They never caught themselves.
Linda wondered in confusion what was going through his mind. She couldn’t maintain the silent any longer than she had.
‘jack’ she called lightly. ‘what’s the problem?’
‘nothing’ he answered indifferently. She got up,walking over to him,she sat by his side breathing heavily,she moved to kiss him.
‘wait’ he stopped her. ‘just gimme a minute’ he sprinted out of the house and was back within a short while.
‘i didn’t hear the gate open,where did you go?’ she asked.
‘just went to text a friend’ he smiled. ‘now where were we?’ he pulled her close and kissed her.
They probed eachothers lips as their hands groped around their bodies. The continued in this regards a long while until linda pulled back a bit.
Jack waited in suspense as she stood up from the chair and reached for her back. Her hands met the zip of the gown and she pulled it down slowly. Then she saw a pair of faint white little balls at the dark dining. She squinted with interest to know what it was. It registered on her mind. They were eyes. She was looking at a person and whoever it was had been looking at them. Shd quaked in her boots as she pulled her gown back up,trying to figure out who was there…