Seduction E28
The atmosphere around the house had never been this cold. Tom and Linda barely spoke to eachother. Linda moved out from their room and moved into one of the guest rooms.
Tom totally had a mood change. He moved nonchallantly around the house and never brought up the past event. He begin keeping late night appointments making silent calls and several things that increased Linda’s blood pressure. She tried to be strong but would breakdown once in a while. Jack became her extra shoulders. He had completely transformed from the demon flirt to a listening angel. She wondered what she would have done if he wasn’t around.
‘Linda,i want to talk to you’ Jack called from her door post startling her a little.’sorry,i saw the lights on and the door opened’ he gestured.
‘no problem,come in’ she dropped her laptop on the bed and sat straight. ‘what’s up?’
He hesistated for a moment and then spoke softly.
‘you should talk to Tom’ he said
‘talk to Tom? Why should i?’ her counternance changed.
‘you guys should work thing out already.’
‘if he wants to work things out,he would had come to me a long time ago but he hasn’t. So duh’ she stretched to get her laptop.
‘am leaving’ he said quickly.
She froze and then retreated.
‘leaving how?’ her eye brows expanded.
‘am leaving as in going’ he shrugged ‘am leaving the country. Going back’
‘oh’ she made an effort to hide her disappointment. ‘when?’ she asked
‘soon.. Tomorrow maybe. It depends’
‘Tomorrow?!’ she exclaimed. ‘it depends on what?’ she became moody
‘doesn’t matter. But you have got to make up with your husband’
‘why didn’t you tell me earlier about it?’ she asked.
‘about Tom?’
‘for christ stake,NO! I mean your impending departure’
‘well,it skipped my mind.’
she frowned.
‘Linda,please can we talk about you and Tom? Please’ he raised her head towards his. Their gaze locked. The tension filled the room. He knew something was definitely going to happen
Jack pushed to convince himself to leave but it was futile. Her lips had already touched his. The magic touch.
She paused to savour the moment. It felt surreal. Finally she was getting her fantasy. She opened her eyes slightly to steal a look at him. The expression on his eyes were priceless.
She pushed on. Her lips locked with his as her tongue explored his mouth for sweet spots. Her breath fleeted as his tongue entangled with hers,then gently,he pulled his lips away from hers.
‘what is it?’ she asked. ‘did i do something wrong?’
He gazed straight into her eyes like he could see beneath it. He let out a smile.
‘you didn’t do anything wrong my dear.’ He hesitated for a moment. ‘this isn’t right’
He made to separate further from her but she clasped her hands around his neck and pulled closer.
‘doesn’t this feel right?’ she looked passionately into his eyes.
He stayed speechless.
She picked his right hands and placed it on her chest. He gulped.
‘can you feel my heartbeat?’ she exhaled. ‘what i want and what you want majes it right Jack’.
She awaited no responses as she stealthily dove at his lips again.
They kissed longer this time until Jack pulled away and ran out of the room.
Outside the room he pulled out his phone and typed a text.
‘Almost there now’
he sent it