We really are not as green as we claim.
Contrary to what we need do,we taint the meaning of the name.
I closed my eyes and prayed by dawn Nigeria should not remain the same.
But i awake and the song i hear is that of pain.
Not even a pole of hope to lean on.
And day in,day out we hear overwhelming propagandas that change would come.
We pop and squint our pupils to search for the silver lining which is long gone.
But the only sign we see is sign that the worse is yet another tough storm.
We run our mouths making speeches as if we are better.
We even stoop so low to call our leaders mental.
But where were we when they stormed the centre?
We cuddled in our beds awaiting the pacesetters.
I could easily say we deserve what we get.
That we live as animals and our rulers as grumpy vets.
But i believe despite the tether,we could tear down the net.
We behold the power of the vets,afterall they are those we elect.
Let us reclaim our birthright.
Let us move Nigeria back to the height.
We own the torch,we must put it on and bath in the light.
Cheer up Nigeria for our future is bright.
(c) copyright Ikhalo Efose