Just like eating,sleeping and even breathing,attending church services on sundays was just another item on Olu’s must-do list. He was raised by a catechist who brought him up in under strict religious conditions. His uncle was an old man numerically but his religious belief remained ever strong like an uncrackable kernel. He always made sure every of his ward attended mass everyday and before bed that day he would ask everyone of them to explain the day’s readings in their own words.
More that ten years after the demise of his uncle,olu still found it quite assidious to eject the must-go-to-church habit he had. He still heard his uncle’s bell in everyone morning pulling him out of his rarely pleasant dreams,followed by the old wiseman rich voice telling him to get dressed. It was really starting to piss him off.
He had changed church a dozen times,all the while finding an apt excuse to not want to attend church on sundays,all in vain. Now he attended the deeper life,salvation parish which was less than a stadium’s run away from his house. He chosed the church because he had heard several speculations that the church would make you want to stop attending churches,but those speculations were wrong as he was even more glued to this one than several of the previous ones. Olu wasn’t alone in these escapades as Uche,his childhood friend always tagged along and made it more adventious. To the rest of the world,they were bestfriends but to them,they were home to eachother;absolutely inseparable. Both lost their parents at tender age and were raised by the catechist and they always comforted eachother.
‘They say God doesn’t give with both hands,yes! I concur’ Pastor frank’s voice floated freely on the air. At days when he rose his voice such as this,he members would say he was in form. ‘I concur because i think he gives with more that a zillion hands. Do you know what it means to be God? Haha, God is richhh,so why aren’t you?’
The congregation went dumb to his question which didnt appear as a rhetorical one as it should have. ‘you aren’t rich because you don’t want to. Lemme tell you something. The first time i made a million naira,i had just five hundred naira but i tasked myself as a vessel of the most hight to tranform it into five hundred thousand before a week was completed but before even twenty four hours,i had a million nair. Praise the name of the living God!’
‘alleluyah!’ the congregation roared.
At the end of the day’s service Uche approach Tom with a serious look on his face which appeared once in a purple moon.
‘i think i have found a sure way for us to be millioniares.’ Olu looked at his friend’s face,he wasn’t smiling so he prompted him to go on. ‘let’s establish our own church’
Olu burst in laughted expecting his friend to join him but he didnt. He was almost sure the hunger had kicked it but like a mind reader,uche said:
‘am not hungry. We can do this. We have the experience’
He was right and it was only a matter of time before he convinced Olu