The room was overflowed with smoke which appeared like clouds just beneath the ceiling. Linda traced the supply of smoke to two barely dressed girls with their hands all over Jack!
Linda froze the moment she recognized the flirty eyes of Jack. Sailor stared from her to an unpertubed Jack and back to her.
‘is everything okay?’ he asked but got no answer.
‘what are you doing here?’ Linda directed her question at Jack with a scowl on her face.
‘i could ask you the same thing baby’ he answered in a playful manner.
‘i thought you were at the reception?’ she glared at one of the girls in disguist as smoke puffed out of her mouth inches away from Jack’s.
‘i left’ he paused. ‘really why are you here?’ his tone translated to concern.
She searched for an answer other than the actual reason for her being there. She found none.
‘am here for the party obviously’ she tried to sound carefree as possible.
Jack noticed as her eyes grew cloudy.
He gently shovd the ladies beside him,away and stood to walk towards Linda until sailor stopped him.
‘you have had your fun man,you are killing mine’ sailor’s arm formed a wall between Linda and Jack.
‘she’s my brother’s wife sai. You can get yourself another fun.’ Jack’s unseriousness was totally gone. He looked over at Linda and suspended his index finger at her ‘as for me and you missy,we are out of here.’ he pushed at sailors arm expecting an easy pass but was bounced back.
‘you can go if you want jack. The lady stays’ Sailor voiced firmly.
‘you are kidding’ he looked over to Linda. ‘come with me’
she ignored him. ‘Linda?’ he called again ‘aren’t you coming?’
Her mouth remained sealed but she nodded no.
‘you heard the lady,now getout!’ sailor ordered. ‘and take the girls with you’ he laughed devishly.
Both wierd girls trotted out of the room followed by Jack who move with his eyes fixed on Linda until sailor slammed the door
‘so baby,let’s get this party started’ sailor stated in awe.
Linda battled with the fraction of guilt within her as she wondered where Jack where was. If he even had a room to stayed. The guilt pounded heavy on her cranium until she reminded herself of how he led her on and humiliated her.
She looked over at sailor. He was in an excited state but he didn’t appeal to her one bit. She envisage what could happen between them but stopped herself halfway. She wasn’t sure if he was the right vessel to use in repaying Tom in his own currency.
‘so this is the party?’ she said sarcastically. She viewed him from his head to his toe. He was so skinny and unkempt. She noticed for the first time,his rough eyes and his chocolate glued teeth. He just got uglier by the minute so she looked away.
‘yes,this is how i party darling’ he smiled and took a step forward. ‘or do you prefer a more fancy party? It could be arranged.’
‘noo…’ she said still looking away. ‘i just thought it was something louder. I guess another party is going on around here somewhere’
‘yeah’ his smile faded. ‘so can w-‘
‘how do you know Jack?’ she interrupted.
‘i met him abroad’ he announced hastily.
‘i see,did you do your masters over there too?’ she inquired
‘yes’ he answered with a scowl on his face. His patience was running out.
’em… So-‘ she was about to cook up another question until he cut in.
‘missy’ he smiled dirtyly ‘as much as i would love to chat with you,i would love to do something more enjoyable with you’ he move closer to her. She was within his reach.
‘am sorry sailor i appreciate your kind gesture really but it was a mistake coming here. Thanks for the invite’.
She turned to move but he grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her back.
‘you are not going anywhere’ his eyes blazed dangerously. He was obviously high. He pulled her towards his chest,ignoring her scream for help.
She caught a glimpse of his eyes. It was evil and she knew he wouldn’t let her go. She tried to scream harder but felt his palm upon her mouth. She lost hope. He was going to violate her.
Then in the twinkle of an eye the door burst open.