Without thinking,she turned back abruptly and darted outside. The sound from her movement must have alerted Tom of her presence as her called at her but she ignored. She unlocked her car,stepped into the drivers sit and drove off without having a destination in mind.
Few metres from her house she heard her phone ring. She checked the name,it was Tom calling. She waited till the ringing stopped and switched off the phone.
As she drove aimlessing,she sobbed. She felt like a fool for thinking an infidel man would change so easily. She felt pain as the thought of Tom with another lady made her feel less of a woman.
She forced her mind to rid itself of Tom for a moment. She had to figure out where to go to. She thought of calling Anne or peter but dismissed it. She didn’t want to crash their honeymoon. Jack wasn’t an option. For all she knew,he was just as,or worse than his brother. He was bad news for her. She had no where else to go to. There was no really close friend she could call.
She halted at the front of a hotel.
As she stepped out in front of Roo’s hotel and suite she could hear the buzz of music. Apparently,a big party was going on somewhere around the compound. She deferred her conscience and walked through the sliding doors that led striaght to the reception.
The receptionist was a pretty blonde girl who was probably in her late twenties. She was barely ten metres away from the counter when a man hurriedly worked from adjacent her and jumped in front of her.
She felt the urge to challenge him but resisted it. After almost five minutes he was done with the receptionist. He turned back faced Linda smiling,he apologized.
‘am so sorry for that,it was urgent’
‘i bet it was’ She said sarcastically.
He bit his lower lips,obviously abated. He made to apologize further but then stopped and said something else instead.
‘how about i apologize to you with something better?’
‘and what could you possibly have to offer?’ she hadn’t dropped the sarcasm.
‘am partying with some friends upstairs. Maybe you could join us.’ his face pleaded more than his speech.
She glared at him then her looks softened. She stared at his clothing from head to toe. He had a grin on his face that could pass him for a womanizer.
She meant to say,no thanks am married. Then she remembered Tom and imagined what he could be doing with the lady.
‘what’s your room number?’ The words emanated from her mouth carelessly.
As she got to the third floor she halted. She held her key card in her hands. She looked left and saw the door bearing the number on the key card. She contemplated on whether to go in or climb to the last floor to meet sailor,the man she met downstairs. She decided on the latter and climbed on.
When she arrived at the top floor,she was awed. It had just two rooms as against the other floors which had ten rooms. It was obvious it was the vip section of the block. She made to talk but hesitated a little. She thought about Tom then the image of the lady and the sound of her laughter materialised in her mind. She knocked on the door and waited awhile. She could hear certain voices but she couldn’t get what she was being said. She knocked again,still no immediate response. As she waited,she decided to switch her phone back on. When she did,it was flooded with a lot of text messages and voice messages. She guessed they must have been from Tom,she ignored them.
Then the door opened.
She looked behind sailor and was stunned at what she saw……