There was a knock on their bedroom door quite early in the morning. The knock was gentle but continuous. It woke Linda. She checked to see if Tom was awake,he wasn’t. She hesistated for a while,then she got up and opened the door.
‘what?’ she snapped. ‘you couldn’t help but disturb our peace’
‘huh?’ Jack had that look that said;what the hell are you talking about?
‘what are you doing here? It’s barely 6am’ she was frowning like she would at an invader. She noticed he was all dressed. Why would someone be dressed this early in the morning especially when the someone was Jack. He was a lazy bag of bones.
‘obviously am standing in front of your room’ he scowled at her.
She rolled her eyes at him. He still had the guts to make sarcastic remarks at her. She felt like slapping him but shook off the thought.
‘what do you want here?’ there was war in her eyes. Jack got the story.
‘you are angry’ he was now smiling. ‘perfect’
Linda felt the sting in her heart. He didn’t even care if he had hurt her or not. Now she felt the slap wouldn’t suffice,she needed a gun.
‘anyway,i wanted to let you guys know that i am going on a little trip’
‘who cares?’
‘you do’ he grinned and tried to touch her chin but she stopped his hands mid air. ‘Anne is coming with me too’
‘what?’ she said that for many reasons. ‘ are you crazy? Where are you taking her to?’
‘That’s for me to know and you to dash dash dash’ he turned his back to leave.
‘Jack’ she called gently.
‘yes linda?’
‘Today is her rehersal dinner’ there was genuine concern in her voice.
‘i know’ he said coldly and left.
‘Tom… Tom’ Linda called huskily as she crawled to his side.
He opened his eyes to see his wife’s face a few distance away from his. He smiled and thanked God for the gift of beauty.
‘Goodmorning beautiful’
she returned the smile. Each time she hear him say things like that,it melted her heart and he knew it. She loved compliments a lot.
‘Goodmorning’ she remembered why she had woken him up. ‘Tom,you should call Jack’
‘why?’ he was still in the process of removing the grumpiness from sleeping.
‘he went out very early this morning’
Tom smiled,
‘he does that sometimes’ he touched her chin. ‘Don’t worry. He’s probably gone on one of those promiscious adventure’
Linda’s eyes brightened but not in a good way.
‘am not worried about Jack…. I mean he can take care of himself. But he took Anne with him.’
‘what! Is he crazy?’
‘that’s what i said’ she relaxed her head on the pillow.
‘well,let’s not fret much. They would be back before the day runs out.’
She didn’t believe he just said that. He was such a fish with a calamity of a memory.
‘Today is her rehersal dinner’ she chided.
‘o boy! What are we going to do now?’
‘we? He’s your brother’
‘and she’s your ex’s fiancee’ he winked.
She heard Peter call her name from downstairs. She looked at Tom,he was smiling.
‘what on earth are we going to tell him?’
‘Have you seen Anne?’ Peter tried not to look worried. He x-rayed the surrounding for any sign of Anne but she was no where near the area.
‘i haven’t,why?’ Linda feigned ignorance. Tom was doing a bad job at complimenting her effort.
‘i can’t find her’ peter shrugged. Three wrinkles appeared on his forehead. The statement triggered a memory in Linda. She remembered the morning she had search for Tom. She could relate with how peter was presently feeling despite his trying to appear not worried,the wrinkles sold him out.
‘Have you tried her cell?’ Tom asked hastily. The pretense was killing him.
‘i have’
‘she isn’t answering’ he slumped on the couch. ‘God….’
Linda cursed Jack under her breathe. He had come to torment them. To her,he was definitely not the angel he appeared to be. He was a demon sent by lucifer himself from the bottom of hades. Part of her blamed herself for the current situation. If she had not insisted that peter could stay with them when he was in town for the wedding,Anne wouldn’t have met with Jack. He had a way of getting under anyone’s skin.
She stared pitifully at peter from where he sat,then she heard his phone ring. He rushed at it and practically slammed it on his ears.
‘where the hell are you?’ he bellowed into the receiver,hinting that it was Anne. ‘you are where? With Jack?’ he shot a look at Linda who deftly dodged his eyes as she gave her husband the look that said; what kind of creature is your brother?….