‘Linda..’ Anne called in a dramatic voice.
‘yes?’ she answered with a steady voice contrary to her heart beat. She wondered what Anne had in mind but from the look on her face,it didn’t seem good.
‘Truth or dare?’ Anne’s voice jolted her from her thoughts.
The sound of truth or dare rang in her head again,she processed it. She realized it was not just a truth game,there was an ‘or’ in the middle. A dare was definitely her safest berth. She went for it.
‘Dare’ she smiled at Anne as she saw the word melted her who couldn’t hide her disappointment.
Anne looked frantic as she tried to rattle a huge dare from her mind. All she could come up with was;
‘i dare you to take off your top’ she hissed to herself as the last word left her lips; it sounded foolish to her.
The task wasn’t as easy to Linda as it was to Anne. She was going to takeoff her Top in front of her husband,her ex and her crush. Thinking of it made it look as hard as murder. She stopped her thoughts for a second and took it off abruptly. Thankfully,she was wore a well covered bra.
‘woah!’ the three men sitted exclaimed in unison. Anne shot them a dirty look.
‘well,that was easy’ Linda tossed her top away. ‘Annabel,truth or dare?’ her smile was ominious.
‘Dare!’ Anne didn’t hesitate for a minute. She hurt Linda who had forgotten that she could say that.
‘Take your top off’ was all she could comeup with. The men smiled at eachother. They wished there had been more ladies. Anne complied.
Just one person was remaining; Jack. No one seemed to want to speakup until peter did.
‘Mr Jack,truth or dare?’
‘truth’ Jack seemed fearless.
‘if you were to chose between Linda and Anne,who would it be?’
Jack rolled his eyes around the table carelessly until they fell on Linda. Her heart was thumping against her chest violently. She was certain he was going to call her name but it was the aftermath that worried her. Was it going to arouse Tom’s suspicion? He could even begin to see what he had always failed to see,like the time he walked on them in the room.
Though she had her worries,she was glad he would chose her instead of Anne. Then he broke her heart.
‘i would say Anne’
She thought she hadn’t heard him well. Peter helped her out.
‘you said what Jack?’
‘i would chose Anne bro. No offense though.’
‘none taken’ Peter smiled bitterly. ‘who wouldn’t chose her? I just hope i can keep her’
‘it has been a long day guys. Let’s call it a rap’ Linda said and rushed out of the room before anyone could say something.
That night,she cried softly before she slept. She felt not good enough for anyone,no thanks to Jack. Some new feelings for him had creeped into her heart. It felt like hate.