They had already said yes to Jack before he revealed what game they would be playing. From the looks on their faces,they had wanted to retreat but everyone awaited the first person to pull out but no one did.
‘so….peter. Truth or dare?’ Jack was obviously enjoying himself.
‘me?’ peter exclaimed a little loudly. ‘why do i have to begin? Can’t someone else do so?’
‘someone has to begin’ Jack was irritated. ‘do you have an idea of who you want to begin?’ Peter took it for a rhetorical question and kept mute. ‘so truth or dare? peter.’
After a dead silence,peter responded.
‘truth’ he tried to stay calm but it was obvious to the blind that he was shaking.
‘were you ever having a affair with someone else?’
Peter rolled his eyes at Jack. He knew he could lie but he was going to say the truth.
Anne was stunned. Peter was cheating on her?
‘when i was with Linda,i used to see Anne a little. It wasn’t that serious’ he felt abashed ‘Anne didn’t know about Linda though’ he added.
Now it was Linda’s turn to be stunned as Anne’s had faded. She bit her lower lip as she imagined how silly she must had looked to him. For the few years they had been together,she worshipped him as a saint and often thought she wasn’t worthy of him;she was wrong.
Tom could she her pain. He groped for her hands and held them firmly. She felt some closure until she raised her heads to look him in the eyes. Like she released a message,she push off his hands gently and feigned a smile.
‘Tom,truth or dare?’
‘Truth’. He said confidently. He was going to make her proud.
‘have you ever cheated on me Tommy?’
‘o boy!’
All heads turned abruptly to Jack for his remarks,with stern looks on their faces; Tom’s look was harder. Jack’s remark made almost made him look guilty.
‘am sorry,am just going to shut up’ Jack said quickly and pulled his gaze to his toes. Silence broke loose.
‘Tom?’ Peter called when he could hold the suspense nolonger. ‘are you going to answer your wife?’.
If Tom hadn’t known better,he would have thought that Peter was expecting a negative answer.
‘No honey,i have never cheated on you’ he said firmly,with a genuine smile.
Linda saw the smile on her husband’s face and the words left his mouth. She smiled back at him but wept in her heart; he was such a liar,a good one at that. She could imagined how he would have look saintly in her eyes if she hadn’t caught him.
Jack noticed the silence and intervened.
‘okay kiddos,who’s next?’
‘my turn!’ Anne said excitedly.
Linda caught her smile and smelled danger…