Dinner was complete and akward,everyone was present which was seldom.
Peter was finally around after finalizing arrangements for their wedding. The rehersal dinner was scheduled to hold in some days time and he had invited more people than Anne dimed neccessary. Most of their families and immediate friends lived in this part of the country which was a major influencer for bringing the wedding here.
Linda was not as enthusiastic about the rehersal as Peter was. She always thought that somethings were unneccessary;the rehersal dinner inclusive but she had learned to be low on opinions as she ofter see how peter get upset when he sees her lack of interest. She was just going to play along though.
‘what’s on all your minds?’ It was Jack who spoke out first. Of them all he seemed to be the only one with nothing on his mind. ‘comeon you guys,nobody died.’ he smiled but it wasn’t reciprocated. ‘I have an idea; a game. Who’s in?’ he move his eyes around the room.
‘am in’ Tom said. ‘i love games’
‘finally’ Jack smile deepened. ‘peter,anne,linda?’
they hesitated a while but agreed at the end.
‘so what game are we playing?’ peter asked.
‘truth or dare’