Jack followed her to their spot; the swing chair and they sat.
Like a gentle hurricane,an uncomfortable silence engulf the both as they stared at the blue sky. It reminded him of chelsea. He scowled as he focused his hearing like a laser hoping to hear her speak but she remained mute. He wasn’t going to speak first,not that he was short of words,he was seldom short of words. He was only irritated whenever a female said she wanted to something from him and then would expect him to begin a conversation. He just kept gazing at the sky as he replayed the previous days match between chelsea and bayern munich,on his mind. This time both Ribery and Xavi Martinez where shown red cards and chelsea Led by seven goals to nothing. As he imagined the impossible event,he smiled like a satisfied rooster,then she spoke.
‘what are you doing?’ for a second he was sure it was Linda speaking. It sounded like the kind of question she would ask but when he look at the lady beside him,he saw Anne and she was beautiful but she was nothing like Linda.
‘Am thinking about chelsea’ that cameout at the last minute. He had meant to scold her for being mute for that long but he swallowed it.
‘are you a fan?’ she asked in a soft voice.
He stared straight at those blue eyes.
‘so what up? You called me here.’ he said calmly
‘this’ she smiled coyly,bent towards him and planted a kiss on his lips. The she stoodup abruptedly and within a minute,she was out of sight.
‘what just happened?’ he muttered under his breath.
His instinct told he that he was being spied on. For one of the first time in his life,his instinct was totally right. As he turned behind him,he caught a glimpse of Linda staring from the rear window……