‘i know your secret’
Jack heard a soft feminine voice feminine voice behind. He dropped the Nora smith’s romance college and turned back to see who it was; it was Ann.
‘i beg your pardon?’ he was trying so hard not to drool at her toned stomach which he could see easily as she wore a stylish but too short top.
‘i said,i know your secret’ she walked over to the long swing chair and sat beside him. He folded his arms and his eyes were upon hers.
‘which is?’ he asked with zest,trying to come up with a possible reply in his mind but he could think of any.
‘you love romance’ she smiled,he popped his eyes. ‘romance novels. I have seen you so immensed in them since i came.’
‘caught me!’ he smiled ‘it’s one of my zillion bad habits’
‘another is?’ she appeared very interested
‘can’t tell you. You would be scared of me’
‘scared?’ she scoffed. ‘you couldn’t scare anyone to save your life’
‘says who?’ he pretended to bd hurt.
‘says me’ she stucked out her tongue and he gave out a soft laugh.
‘well,telling my bad habits could be very expensive. Am not sure you are up for the task’ he emphasized.
‘am willing to pay’ he noticed her eyes,they were blue. ‘anything’ she was serious.
‘hmm,let’s see then. But not now.’ His eyes fell on his novel.
‘okay’ she was smiling. ‘you can go back to reading your novel. I won’t make a noise.’
‘i don’t think i can.’ his gaze moved from the bottom of her stomach till his gaze met hers. ‘i will be too distracted’ his grinned devilishly.
‘and why is that?’ she said in a husky voice.
‘Anne!..’ a voice called from inside the house.
‘husband calls’ Jack smiled and picked up his novel.
As he entered into the living room,jack noticed that linda won’t stop staring at him. It wasn’t the normal look she used to give him,it was something else,like detest.
‘am i so handsome that you can’t even get your eyes off me for a minute?’ he teased
‘what i you doing?’ there was seriousness in her voice.
‘me? Am talking. You are staring’ he said with sarcasm.
‘she’s married you know?’ she moved her gaze from him to the door adjacent him,then back to him.
‘who?’ he asked lost.
‘Anne?’ he face spelt confusion. ‘so?’
‘i saw you with her earlier. Are you crazy?’ she spoke in a low tune. He couldn’t help but laugh.
‘so that’s what this is about?’ he scoffed and took a seat. ‘number one,she is engaged,not married. Number two,i don’t see what it has got to be with me. Number three,you are married,you know that right?’ he said the last phrase in a feminine voice.
‘what’s that suppose to mean?’ she snapped.
‘it means,you shouldn’t sound so jealous’ he blurtted carelessly.
‘who said am jealous?’ her eyes turned orange.
‘it obvious.’ he noticed the looked on her face and took his voice down a notch. ‘look,there’s nothing happening okay,she’s just fun and you know i love fun’ he winked hoping to provoke a smile. She didnt smile. Just then, Anne emerged from the stairs to meet an uncomfortable silence.
‘am i interupting anything?’ she asked innocently,Jacked moved his eyes to her and smiled.
‘no,you are not’
‘i that case then,Jack i need your help with something’ she ignored Linda’s questioning look and went outside. Jack seeked permission from Linda with his eyes. He got none but went with her anyways.