It felt surreal and yet so real.
Like fragments of my thoughts and yet reality in pristine.
I was at a gate; a great gate.
I saw the bright light; that white light.
I knew i wasn’t dead; but in heaven.
I was scared; i was lost.
Like a futile cause,i hoped to fade.
Then the great gate opened,the light divided.
I saw love; she’s real!
She rode on a graceful pony,she wore eagles’ feather.
She unvieled before me; i saw her face.
In her books,beauty is yet to be discovered on earth.
Her neck stands as a golden tower,her face like pearl and in her eyes dwells pishon.
She took my hands; oh!…such touch!…
She drew my gaze in hers;i froze.
She pulled me to her in the warmest hug and whispered in saintly voice; my love!
She turned to a pit,i fell.
My eyes opened to see earth blue sky; i wept.
I knew i had been dreaming,but i was in love!…
poem by Ikhalo Efose