‘he’s cute’ Ann whispered to Linda whowas seated with her onthe couch.
‘who?’ Linda pretendednot to know meanwhile she had been stealing glances at Jack who who seated on the other side of the room.
‘him. Jack’
‘he’s naughty too and you are married’ Linda chided but deep within her,she knew she was talking to herself.
‘about to be and unfortunately,so are you’ Ann winked.
‘you were attentive enough to know that he’s naughty plus i couldn’t help but noticehow many times you both exchanged looks just now’ she laughed softly. The look on Linda’s face was priceless. It took Ann less than ten minutes to notice the atmosphere between her and Jack; she wondered if she was that shallow and it seemed Ann read her mind.
‘don’t worry you are not that shallow,i havejust had the experience of dating with hundreds of guys and flirting with millionsof them’. Linda gave out a smile. At that instant,Jack stood up slowly and made for the door leading outside,just then Ann stood up too.
‘where are you going to?’ Linda questioned but she already knew the answer.
‘hmm,don’t forget what i told you. He naughty’
‘i knew that from the start’ Ann was still smiling
‘and you are married….Engaged,whatever’
‘yeah,that doesn’t mean i can’t flirst. If you don’t mind’. She left