‘who are you?’ Tom said abrasively to the man at the door as he opened it.
‘you must be Tom’
‘who wants to know?’ He had no time for being polite. All that was on his mind was toslam the door at the man’s face and go dealwith his wife. He still found it hard to comprehend that she had dated a girl. He fought hard not to say the word out loud in his head but it came out loud anyways. She was gay! And she never mentioned it. He queried himself on howhe had failed to notice. He once read that lebsians or used-to-be lebsians are quite easy to fish out. They usually made comment about beautiful women the see on magazines,tv or in flesh and blood plus they loved being in thecompany of women than men. None of these spelt Linda so how could him have suspected?
He closed his eyes for a moment hoping to find the man at the door gone when he opened them but the man appeared more present than ever.
‘am peter’ the man stretched his hands towards Tom,smiling.
‘what is a peter?’ Tom asked irritably. He maed no effort to smileand was beginning to hate peter’s smile.
‘i thought Linda told you?’ peters smile wasbeginning to fade. ‘am peter,the ex!’ his smilewas back.
At that instant,Tom realised truelly that anaverage human possessed more than one mind; left and right. His right mind was screaming relief. He wasn’t married to an ex-gay. He felt sillyfor thinking it even fora few moment,then his left mind kicked in. Linda still went ahead to bring him to their home even after he told her not to. He remained his fathers adage that ‘a man whom his wife doesn’t listen to is an uncapable man’. He felt so uncapable. Uncapable enough to not have noticed that he had slammed the door at the man. Before the realized it,Linda was already pulling the knob and ushering her ex in.
‘don’t mind my husband’s manners’ she addressed her ex in an exceptionally polite manner which irritated Tom. ‘he lovesbeing dramatic’. She smiled and peter returned the favour ashe stepped his feet into the house.
‘it’s a pleasure to finally meet you’ he offered his hands again to Tom like nothing had happened.
‘yeah you too’ Tom feigned a smile and it would had been better if he didn’t. His smile was tearful. It was the smile of a frustrated man. He turned faced Linda and she saw the look but she wasn’t moved a bit.
‘what’s your problem?’ she whispered bitterly,making sure it was out of peter’s hearing range.
‘what’s my problem? What’s yours?’ Tom snapped a little bit louder but still of peter’s hearing range.
‘what are you talking about?’
‘you know what am talking about so you can stop playing dumb’ his frustration grew.
‘i don’t and if you are not ready to be less vague,then i have a guest to attend to’ shemade to leave but he grabbed her by her left wrist.
‘don’t you walk out on me woman’ he felt a sudden burst of confidence. ‘i told you not to bring him here but you disobeyed’
‘you told me not to,i told you i was going to’she struggled in vain to release her wrist.
‘this is my house Linda,i make the rules!’
‘you are mistaking,it isn’t your house. Its our house’ she forced her hands from his grip and darted to the living room as Tom reflected on the whole situation.
He wondered why his home had turned into awar zone suddenly. He traced his steps and tried to find any blemish but he couldn’t see anything he had done wrong. He heard the rich laughters that came from the living room and he knew thata whole lot of drama was going to play out in the next few days.
‘they are married!’ Tomalmost screamed in excitment. ‘this is the best news i have gotten this week’ he pulled his brother closer and hugged him.
‘well not exactly. They are only engaged’ he tried to release himselffrom the hug but failed.’that’s still okay’ Tom whispered ‘it’s better than nothing’
‘yeah…. Can you stop trying to kill me now?’
‘oh sorry’
Jack could see the colour on his brother’sface now. He had previously thought that Tom was getting green maybe due to stress or something else but he never guessed this.
‘i want you to do something for me. Something only you cando’
‘Sounds ominious. But i love ominious plus anything for my elder bro’ he grinned stylishly.
‘i want you to get attached with them. Find out everything. How close they are? If they would last or break.’
‘stop,stop… Tom,you don’t feel threatened by peter,do you?’
‘no…’ he emphasized but Jack always knew he was lying but he played along.
‘i thought so. Because he’s about to get married to Anne and you are married to Linda,so you shouldn’t feel threatened,you know that right?’
‘yes i do’ he went pale.’of course there’s no reason why i should.’
As Jack turned to move,he heard Tom call.
‘yes?’ he responded without looking back.
‘Don’t forget what we discussed. Please. Get attached’
‘it’s my forte’ he smileddangerously and went his way.