‘come on in’ Linda told her guest as she walked passed her husband and brother-in-law without as much as acknowledging them. She headed straight upstairs with two bags while her guest was ushered in to a seat.
‘so..’ Tom started,gently rubbing his palms against eachother ‘how was your journey?’
‘it was fine,thanks’ the guest gave him a gentle smile that made him smile back.
‘am Tom,Linda’s hubby and this is jack’ Tom said,tapping his brother on the back. He was smiling so hard that Jack felt his was illuminating the room.
‘am anna’ the young lady said ‘nice to meet you both’
‘right back at ya’ Tom swayed playfully
‘you to ann’ as Jack spoke,she turned her gaze to him just then Linda emerged from the stairs. Tom stared at his wife with a mischievious smile and then pulled Jack with him as he walked towards Linda.
‘i knew you couldn’t do it’ He was right at Linda’s face.
‘do what?’ she puzzled.
‘bring your ex here’
‘who said i didn’t?’ She smiled
‘what?Ann?’ his jaw dropped.
Then here was a knock on the door