‘you’t can’t bring him here!’
‘like hell i can!’
Jack wondered where his latest dream was going. This was unlike any dream he had before. He couldn’t even see their faces,just voices. Why can’t i see the damn faces! He mutter,forcing his eyes opened,he gaze came face to face with the blue ceiling on his room. He hadn’t been dreaming. He was hearing the latest noisy couple voices. Linda and Tom were fighting again. He checked his time
‘jeez,it’s only 6.am!’
He mangaged to drag himself downstairs to see his brother pacing up and down the room.
there wasn’t any response
still he didn’t answer.
‘Tom!’ This time even the neighbours could have heard.
‘yes?’ Tom answered unsettled,he was a little shakened.
‘what’s up? Where’s linda? I thought i heard her voice? Or was i dreaming? I couldn’t have been’ he seemed to have confused himself.
‘are you okay?’ Tom was staring at him like he had gone mad. He laughed at the irony of that.
‘Am fine but you are not’ He stared at his brother with no wish of wanting to be like him. ‘you look like hell,what’s the problem?’
Tom didn’t answer. He just sat on a chair and turned on the tv.
‘where’s Linda?’ Jack questioned. He wasn’t going to stop asking the questions until he got an answer and Tom knew it.
‘she’s got to get her boyfriend!’
‘Boyfriend?’ Jack said with a slack smile.’Tommy what are you talking about?’
Tom raised his head towards Jack. His eyes were cloudy,he was serious.
‘her ex is in town and she is going to bring him here’ He was like a grany speaking in the memorial of his heartrob
‘did you tell her she could bring him here?’
‘of course i wouldn’t but it doesn’t matter. She’s going to bring him. I saw her resolve.’
Jack managed to pull a soothing laugh
‘she wouldn’t’ he seemed like he was almost certain but he knew he wasn’t.
Thirty minutes later,a car drove into the compound; Linda’s car. Then there was a knock on the door…..