Just as she had rused out,Linda rushed back inside the house after about an hour,only this time she had ruined her makeup; she was in tears.
‘what’s the problem?’ Jack drew to her as he gave her a comforting hug. He made to use his hands to wipe the tears from face but withdrew his hand. Instead he,pulled a face towel from his pocket and dabbed her face carefully.
‘it’s Tom’ she said as her sobbing increased and Jack knew it was time to take a seat. He dragged her mildly to the couch,sitting her down before he sat.
‘now calm down’ he said hoarsely. ‘tell me what exactly happened. What did Tom do?’
Her sobbing almost resurfaced but she steadied herself the best way she could.
‘Jack,Tom is having an affair’ she was quiet now but staring attentively at Jack who seemed to be taken aback by the new developement.
‘are you certain of it?’ he said painstakingly. ‘i mean,how did you find out?’
‘i followed him,remember?’ there was no trace of sorrow in her voice. ‘i saw him enter an eatery so i followed him in stealthily. Then i saw the lady.’
‘just that? How did you know that it wasn’t just one of his business partners?’
‘he was basically smothering her,and she,him. Or do business partners still do that?’
Jack was totally dumbfounded. He couldn’t think of anything else to say to his brothers aid and Linda read his mind.
‘don’t worry Jack you don’t have to say anything. It wasn’t your fault.’ she stood up,kissed him on the cheek closest to the the corner of his lips and went upstairs.
‘what just happened?’