It had been a week now since the whole unusal incidence. Everything seemed to have gone back to status quo or at least that was what Jack thought. He was ready to begin his flirt game with Linda again but he needed something new as he had gone with everything on his book. He watched Linda as she walked into the living room wearing a thin black shirt that exposed the bottom of her naval and a mini black skirt that complimented the top like icing to a cake.
‘who died?’ Jack called from where he sat,fixing his eyes on the tv set.
‘what?’ asked Linda obviously confused
‘what’s up with the black riot’
‘oh this,i just wanted to feel comfortable,that’s all’ she moved to site on the chair next to Jack’s.
‘you know,black is known to absorb heat you may want to take your clothes off in a matter of minutes’ he winked as she rolled her eyes and withdrew to sit on another chair distant from him. He noticed and smiled amorously ‘scared i might bite? Nah,not with Tom home.’ And they went comfortably silent for some minutes until Linda spoke.
‘you know he’s hiding something right?’
‘The pope’ she hissed ‘Tom of course. Whoelse will i be talking about?’
‘i don’t know,me maybe’ he shrugged.
‘Be serious Jacky’
‘Jacky?’ he echoed,popping his eyes
‘i know he’s hiding something’ she ignored his expression ‘and you know it too’
‘Linda let him be. He explained why he came home drunk that day and things are back to normal,so?’ he was no longer smiling.
‘am not talking about that; plus i don’t even buy that excuse’ she fumed.
‘so whatelse could you be talking about?’ he scowled
‘I woke up this morning to hear Tom singing black street boys’ she said seriously.
‘yey! Tom sang,we should inform the police’ he said sarcastically and she shot him a dirty look ‘what’s wrong with that?’
‘the man doesn’t sing; ever!’ she snapped ‘plus who sings black street boy anymore?’ she widened her eyes like she demanded an answer but didn’t get it. ‘and he gets so happy these days’ she stressed making Jack laugh out loud.
‘your husband is happier,he sings now,so what?’ he teased ‘you are quite impossible’ he stated as Linda smiled in a proud way then Tom rushed down,all dressed.
‘honey,i got to jet’ he said,making for the door ‘see you guys later.’ he left.
‘see,he never does that too’ Linda said as she rose and rushed to the bedroom. Moments later,she rushed back down,all dressed and she made for the door as well.
‘where are you going to too?’ Jack asked with a confused look on his face.
‘where else?’ she stopped for a second. ‘am following him’ she dashed through the door
‘Linda!’ Jack called but she was gone