‘oh tom..’ Linda stuttered ‘what are you doing here?’ were the only words she could find.
‘This is my room’ Tom smiled ‘isn’t it?’ he turned faced Jack who was unexpectedly calm.
‘i mean,i thought you had gone to work’ she managed to steady her voice ‘i didn’t hear you car drive in’
‘i left some pretty important stuffs at home’ Tom said as he moved towards the table ajacent the bed. He opened the top drawer,brought out a brown envelope and held on tight to it like a baby holding on to it’s most precious toy.
‘i guess am off to work now’ he smiled at his wife and brother uneasilly as he made to leave the room but then stopped abruptly. ‘i know why Jack is here’ he said as an alarming expression over-rode Linda’s bright face while Jack maintained his cool. ‘you are worried about me’ his eyes on Linda ‘about last night’ he paused while Linda relaxed a little and Jack just remained unshakened. ‘Look’ Tom continued ‘i understand that you are worried but really,there’s nothing to be worried about okay? So please stop worrying’ he moved towards Linda placing his left hands on her shoulder while his right hand still held on firm to the envelope ‘you can smile now and let Jack go do some flirting or whatever he does these days.’ They are laughed and Tom left the room afterwards.
It took the sound of the gate and an extra three minutes to break the akward silence that hovered over Jack and Linda.
‘so where were we?’ Jack said hoarsely with a grin.