‘can i come in?’ Jack said in a hoarse voice,trying to hide his evil grin
‘that question is a little late,don’t you think?’ she responded quite calmly
‘oh,right…’ he said and walked out of the room but knocked before she could heave a sign of relief.
‘what now?’ she said frustratingly. ‘you can come in Jack’
‘thanks’ he said as he walked back in. ‘i see the bed refused to let you move huh’
‘i see you came all the way to my bedroom to talk about my bed’ she said with a high trace of sarcasm and loved the effect it had on him.
‘sorry’ he said with his head facing his toes. Then he moved towards the bed prompting her to draw the blanket to her neck. ‘i want to apologize to you’ he said softly
‘why? Did you tell the bed not to let me move?’ she smiled apparently enjoying teasing him
‘am serious Linda’ he scowled.
‘oh,you can be!’ her smile grew wider
‘well like i said,i want to apologize to you’ he said ignoring her last comment. ‘But the problem is,i don’t know what am apologizing for.’ he paused to look at Linda who wasn’t smiling anymore.
‘you don’t have anything to apologize for?’ she asked puzzled
‘yeah,i don’t. Or did i do anything to warrant an apology? Please,by all means,tell me.’
‘you know what Jack,just leave me alone’ she said tearfully and she had no idea why she felt like crying suddenly. Was it what he said that got to her or was she still thinking about Tom? She asked herself rhetorically.
‘i just feel that you tranferred your anger to me last night and really i don’t blame you. I probably would have done the same.’ he noticed the tears in her eyes. ‘plus you are beautiful when you get angry’ he winked.
‘oh jack’ she tried to hide the smile but it came out anyway.
‘either way,am sorry for…… Nothing i guess’ he smiled as he sat on the bed,stretching his hand to her. ‘friends again?’
she took the hands smiling
‘we were not friends before,but friends now’ she held unto his hands as he droolled at her. Then the door was flung open
‘what are you doing here?’ a deep voice said