Linda glared at the ceiling like it was an arch-enemy; she still thought about what happened the previous night and it ached her not to know what exactly happened. Tom was definitely in trouble or he would not have come home drunk. But it worried her really that he preferred the drinks to her. He had always come to her whenever he was in trouble or did she do something that made him lose faith in her? She wondered. Was it Jack?
She hadn’t done anything but flirt with him. Except the one time when they almost kissed but that because she was sober and Tom wasn’t present plus he was the cause of it anyways.
‘oh honey,you are awake’
It was Tom and he was almost dressed for work. She watched him quietly as he moved across the room to the cupboard where he kept his clothes. She felt like jabbing him as he dressed innocently like nothing had happened.
‘Tom….’ she called just as he was about to live the room. He stopped. ‘what happened last night?’ she tried to be mild.
‘last night? Nothing happened dear.’ he really seemed like nothing happened. ‘see you later hon.’ he blew her a kiss and left scurriedly.
If she had a gun,she could have shot at him. Something was definitely up,she could see it from the way he left. She contemplated on whether to go after him but then she heard him start the car and leave.
The car! She remembered. He didn’t bring his benz home the previous night and now he was leaving on the camry. Now she knew he was definitely in trouble. But what could it be?
‘can i come in?’ she heard as the door slowly opened.
‘oh God!’ it was Jack and he was in her bedroom.