‘why does it look like you guys have seen a ghost?’ Tom asked as he stepped into the house. He moved towards Linda,placing his hands on her chin,he raised her head gently. ‘Aww… You were worried that something bad had happened to me. Am alive,you can stop worrying now’ he smiled and crashed on the couch.
‘Jeez Jack,he’s drunk’ she said tearfully. ‘How could he be drunk? He hate drinking’ she dropped on the floor before the couch,crying. Jack became confussed as hell. He was in expert in certain situations but not this. He looked down at Linda as she sobbed quietly. She seemed like she needed consolling so he advanced to where she laid.
‘just stop Jack,Stop it.’ she said,moving away from him like he was some sort disease.
‘stop what?’ he asked with a priceless look on his face.
‘whatever this is?’
‘am only trying to help,Linda. I don’t …..’
‘like you tried to help early’ she rose up. ‘i don’t need you help!’ she walked out of the living room and slammed the door behind her .