I just sat there staring at IK wondering if i could slap him,walk away or stay on and argue with him. I chosed the later. He maintained his stance all centred around his phrase that said ‘a relationship cannot exist without problems.’
i don’t disagree but i don’t agree either. Yah! That’s how twisted i am.
In my several years of watching movies especially where the bad guys get the girl from the good guys,i have come to notice that it’s as a result of a quite ‘boring’ relationship with the good guys. Imagine a world where there’s no pain. How do you enjoy pleasure? Imagine an academic setting where the isn’t failure. How do you enjoy success? So there’s definitely two side to a coin and both side matters if there must be balance.
Now a stubborn part of my brain won’t totally agree though. He hates to concede. Here’s what he thinks:
He thinks using the word ‘problem’ is way too coarse in some sense. Problem is anything that causes trouble or difficulty and trouble is BAD. So if you are in a relationship that do have problems,then your relationship needs fixing or quitting cause it’s bad! Hehe…
He goes further to say: i doubt it that Adam and Eve had problems with themselves (their relationship). They may have had certain problems but not with their relationship. Come to think of it. Most of the problems we tag as relationship problems often come as a result of transferred mood. Maybe he has a problem with his academics,she is having problems with her family,et al. And then you transfer the mood to you partner and start having crisis. Comeon,you can do better than that!
There are other ways to enjoys ones relationship and having fallouts is definitely not in my list.
So there you have it; the saga. Can a relationship exist without problems?