‘calm down,ok…’ Jack called to Linda who pacing around the Living room but she seemed not to have heard him. ‘Linda,Linda….’
‘hmm,what’ apparently he had jolted her from her thoughts
‘Try to calm down please. Your fretting is not helping anything right now’
‘calm down,you said? How can i calm down Jack,check the clock it’s 11pm.’ she was completely devastated. It was the first time something of this sort had happened since their few years of marriage. Infact,at the early stage,she hardly got off the phone with him when he calls again. He still called now but not as frequent. So why was today different? Was what Linda must have been thinking. Several Negative ideas bombarded her mind with ease; as she waded one off another came in.
‘Jack,we have to call the police’ she said with haste and panic like she had figured out what could have happened to him.
‘Not yet Linda. My brother is probably on his way right now.’ he tried to smile but he’s body couldn’t comply. He was worried too as Tom had never pulled this kind of stunt before.
‘Oh God!’ she broke into tears and collapsed on the sofa closest to her prompting Jack to go up to her her.
‘stop this,Linda’ he tried to be gentle; it wasn’t easy. ‘do you want to make Junior up?’ she noded No ‘so stop crying. Please…’ he raised his hand to her face,she hesitated to let him at first but relaxed later on. He wiped the tears of her face,literally.
‘seems like you have done this a lot’ she managed to say with a weak smile. He had really calmed her down
‘Not really. Am trying to rise up to the occassion.’ his devish grin was was back.
‘well you are doing a good job’ she said quite softly.
‘am glad’
‘am glad,you are’
His head drew closer to hers while she maintained her position. She could feel his warm breath upon hers and just as thier lips was about to touch,they heard a knock on the door.
‘is the anyone in this house?’