Jack heard Linda scream but thought it was a dream at first. It wouldn’t be the first time as he often dreamt of her; mostly nice dreams. There was the one time though when he was being intimate with Linda only to be caught by a Tom with a gun. He woke up before Tom could pull the trigger but he had been careful in flirting with his brothers wife.
‘Jack,Jack!…..’ this time she was banging at the door and he knew it was no dream.
‘morning sunshine’ he said smiling as he opened the door. ‘Dream of me much?’
‘Not now Jack’ she said with worry plastered all over her face. ‘can you be serious for once’
‘ouch. Okay,what’s the problem?’
‘i can’t find Tom anyway where’
‘what do you mean you can’t find him?’ he got serious.
‘i mean what exactly what i said. Wokeup this morning,he wasn’t in bed. I have searched the entire house,tried his numbers,his office… I can’t find him!’