For a minute,Tom regreted to have revealed that secret about his brother because of Linda’s reaction but she prompted him to tell her the story while Jack looked unpertubed.
‘I think thier names were Tania and Trisha.’ He began. ‘you wouldn’t believe they weren’t sisters. Some even called them twin and they well close like hell until Jack.’
Linda shifted exictedly as though she was watching an interesting movie series.
‘He met Tania first,they flirted,went out for a while,then she invited him to her bestfriend’s birthday.’ He paused to look at Jack,expecting a plea not to continue but he didn’t get any,so he continued. ‘from what i could deduce,it was lust at first sight when he met Trish. I wouldn’t blame him for that though,she was hot’ he said smiling while linda gave him a soured look. ‘sorry’ he said childishly. ‘anyway,they had a nice time at the party. Jack was pratically gued to her at the party,there was an afterparty and you know what happens at after parties.’ he winked while Jack gave out a soft laugh. ‘They continued thier illicit affair after that and my player of a brother continued seeing Tania at the same time until they both hit him with the news that he was going to be a dad-dy’ he teased ‘The end.’
‘the end?’ Linda asked bewilded. ‘what about the kids,they didn’t have the babies,did they?’ she directed the question at Jack.
‘They did’
‘They did?’ her jaw dropped open as when she saw him in the shower. ‘so you have two kids?’
‘Three actually’ Tom added quickly
‘Three! Who’s the last baby mama?’
‘Just one of the ladies’ jack replied boastfully ‘But that’s a story for another day so Tom don’t begin to spill it all out’
Tom smiled mischieviously. He had won the first bout of the contest.
‘seems like you have more dirty secret than i can have in two lifetime little brother’
‘oh i wouldn’t count on that Tom,but i will spare you cos you married the best’ he saw Linda blush then he flashed a smile.
‘it’s past my bed time’ Tom joked as the two laughed .
‘am calling it a day.
You guys have fun’ he pecked Linda and wentoff to his room.
‘he said we should have fun’ Jack said with the same old grin as the sound of Tom’s feet faded. His alter ego was back and Linda knew it was a danger she had to avoid.
‘goodnight Jack’ she made to leave,but he stopped her.
‘weren’t you about to have you bath?’
‘will do that tomorrow’she tried to wrestle her hands from his gentle but tight grip.
‘there’s nothing like a midnight shower you know’ his smile was getter broader by the minute. ‘except you are scared to be alone under the shower?’
‘am not’ she released her hands from his grasp ‘am going to have my bath now.’
‘that’s the spirt’ he turned faced the stairs. ‘goodnight Linda’
Just as he stepped his foot on the first case,he turned back and caught Linda staring lost at him.