‘hello brother’ Jack called as he approached them.
He had managed to get dressed to the relief of Linda. ‘heard you were looking for moi’
‘i was. I see you still have a thing for midnight showers’ he said and turning face his wife. ‘i told you,it’s his bad habit’
‘i wouldn’t call it a bad habit now brother. I have got to stay fresh for the ladies,you know’ he said, as he winked stylishly at Linda while Tom couldn’t help but laugh.
‘speaking about the ladies’ he emphasised on the phrase,the ladies. ‘which of them are you seeing this days?’ Tom asked
‘Them?’ Linda jaw dropped opened as she look dectectively at Jack.
‘yeah,them. Jack was a real cassanova back in the days. He dated in packs’ Tom teased.
‘aha,not fair Tom,i was actually trying to live up to my mentor;you. He turned towards Linda. ‘did you know that i actually met my first girl friend through jack?’
Linda’s eye popped at the revelation. She had known that her husband was quite popular among the female folks,thanks to his physique but she hadn’t heard about his player side.
‘Gameon jack. Since we are revealing secrets,i might as well hit back. Linda have i told you that back then in the university,Jack had impregnated two best friends?’