‘honey,where are you’ Tom called as he walked down the stairs.
Alarmed,Linda pushed Jack out of the way and rushed to the kitchen.Part of her was thankful that Tom had woken up to save her but part of her wasn’t. She hated to admit it even to herself but she had like staring at the naked Jack. She was surprised at the effect it had on her. She had been married to Tom for three years now and had never had even as little as a lustful thought except of course with Tom. But now she battled to keep her thoughts clean as she fought hard to jettison flashes of an indecent Jack until Tom saved her yet again. Her hero.
‘honey,i have been looking for you all over the place’ He said mildly as he wrapped his hands around her from behind and gave her a peck on her cheek. ‘hungry again?’ he smiled.
‘yeah’ she said relaxed ‘i think my stomach must have expanded or something over the past few days’
Tom laughed out then he turned her faced him,placing his hands on her stomach,he said ‘i think you have the sexiest stomach’ and he rubbed on.
As he began to get a little amorous,flashes of Jack in the shower rushed back at Linda again,only this time it came freely. She knew why and she knew she had to stop it to avoid calling him his brother’s name while intimate.
‘you said you were looking for me all over the place,why? She asked,managing to pull away from him.
‘oh,i couldn’t find Jack in his room,i wondered if he was down here with you’
’em…. Tom…em.. Jack is in……’