Realationships work best when you establish boundaries and a budget upfront.
Ask yourself’where does this person belong in my life. How much am i prepared to invest in them?’
Life is too short to be spent straightening out misunderstandings,hurt feelings and damaged egos.
If you are wise,you would avoild relationships that drains you out and leave you asking’How did i get into this?’
when keeping somebody happy means short-changing the purposes or plans &goalsyou have set to achieve and losing your joy,you have outstepped the boundary and overdrain the budget.When somebody need too many phone calls or other forms of attention,it’s time to draw a line cos you have only so much energy.
When they get too needy,you have go to do one of two things.Bankrupting yourself tomake them feel good might sound noble but it’s not.
Infact,when you become bankrupt,you only get to have them for so long and then they give you the ”i appreciate you but this isn’t working” However some mightout of pity remain with you,giving you the chance to be the one to screw up and believe me,you will.So call thatperson who claims to care andrenegotiate.
Secondly and simple;walk away! Yah,sometimes you have just got to walkaway.Makeup your mind and let no one stand in your way of self-satisfaction & accomplishment. Life is too short