It’s always the most rosy feeling when your relationshipis moving smoothly. Of courseyou are qualified to call yourself lucky or even blessed. Well enjoy it while it last because somewhere along the line,every relationship hits the ice berg. My job in this article is to convince you to help your relationship survice sinking.
The word Captain is quite imperative in the marine worldhence,see your relationship as an ocean all through this article. A captain is whoever leads thus the sayin that there cannot be two captain ina ship. As regards captaincy,these are the two major problems facing the exalted position.
1.The unqualified wanting to be the captain is the case most times. And we know am referring here to the lady in the relationship.You cannot want him to act manly when you behave manly too.
Someone would have to concede lest it’s would be a rough ride. Some ladies have that innate desire to take the lead but if you must have a healthy relationship,you must drop that act. In the same vein,some ladies may not have that drive to lead but feel they have to lead mostly because the guy have failed to rise up to the occassion ontheir own term. Wrong step! Usurping a royal family never augurs well. I can’t imagine a set of persons taking over the british throne just because they feel the queen isn’t delivering.
If he isn’t behaving well,make him behave! Talk to him,gentlyat first,take a stern approachif he doesn’t heed. If he still stays stubborn,then you know what to do.
2,The qualified behaving underqualified. Am referring tothe guys. Some guys are just so chickeny,sorry to say. Most ladies take their man as their sheild,backbone,… But when that sheild is lighter than a tissue,then there is problem. You must act the part meant for you and that isacting as the captain.yes! Youalone. Make the decisive choices and leave the few ones to her as your special occassional gift. If she feels she is making the major decisions,she might aswell feel like the man and the captain in the relationship andwhen a lady behaves like a man,it ain’t pretty. Let her be the egg,you be the spoon and i promise you a smooth sailing..