‘am…m…..am so sorry.Didn’t know you were here’ she stuttered after minutes of dumb-founded staring.
‘i thought you weren’t going to say anything’ he grinned devishly ‘i was beginning to enjoy your eyes on my body.I could feel the weight.’he winked.
She blushed a little as she made to leave but stopped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.Her heart skipped when she turned faced him and saw him just inches away from her,dripping all over the place.oh God,what now?
‘could you please grab me……that towel over there?’ he pointed to the towel hanging over the rim just away from them.
‘why don’t you get it yourself?’she tried to be brave but wished she hadn’t.
He moved ahead of her and in the process blocked the only escaped route.Now she was at his mercy and he wasn’t going to give it to her so easy.
He towelled slowly and carefully and occassionally catch glimpse of her.He noticed he was stealing her breath as each moment passed and he wanted more and was going to but was stopped by a voice upstairs……