I looked across the window from where i was seated.I could see the evergreen plantations that spread kilometers away across boundaries,the thatched but glorious roofs that complimented the orange rays from the sun and i perceived the pleasant scent of air that spelt pacific.I knew we were in africa.
So this was it.I was finally going home to the persons i loved most in the world.Those who prayed without season for me even when i was seas away and not known to be dead or alive.I was on my way to see the first lady of my life.The woman in whom i took shelter for months more than my first session at Harvard.The woman who bestowed the first,tearful and most gracious smile at me.I was going to see the woman i called Mother.
And there was the greatest man in the world.The man in whose mentorship you could never get lost.His words i believed were chiselled from the personal journal of Solomon.The man who i owed everything in life to.I called him Papa.
I will be death itself before i could forget my siblings.God told us to love our neighbour as ourselves but he knows i love them more than myself and now i was finally going to be with them.
As i gazed on,lost in thoughts of what was going to be,i felt a vibe beneath my feet but i ignored.It happened again,still i ignored it,then i moved against my will with great force and hit hard against something else;it was someone else.What was happening?
The turmoil got worse as the plane now swayed from east to west which sent most of the passengers flying against one another.I managed to hold still as i closed my eyes and prayed silently to God.I lost any hope of survival but prayed for my family.I asked God to give them the fortitude to bear the weight of losing me but for a minute it looked like God got a different message as the plane became stable which was a great relief for us all.
It did last long though as just when the hostess was about to give us the ‘it was just a little glitch’ speech,we felt the plane spin dangerously again.Only this time it was worse than the first and i knew we weren’t going to survive it.I was right.The plane had caught fire from the rear and we must have been too preoccupied to notice we were going down.I reached to my pocket and pulled out my rosary.As i prayed,my family flashed before my mind’s eyes.I felt an earthquake in my heart.I wasn’t going to see them afterall.Then we went down and everything went black.
Was this how it felt to be dead?It felt so normal and i was too tired for a dead person or that’s the way it ought to be?
I opened my eyes and saw the blue cloud above me,it was beautiful.I was in heaven i guessed;cool.Then i sighted a helicopter across the sky.A helicopter in heaven?I managed to stand up right before me i saw the plane i had boarded in pieces.Was i alive?Yes ,i was alive!….