Burn with hopes brighter than the sun;songs and accolades swung with zest and crib lavished with pearls and merchandise alike. She seemed ready to stamp her innocent ankle on a seemingly fortune-moist crust.With torch of hope she graces our planet heralded by jingles and eulogies as a queen’s mother.Her smiles melts even the heart of the cruelest.Royal novelty sparks out of her eyes and crest love and tranquility at every door mark.
Her giggle transcends across ocean tides it abounds the pacific and calms the chirping bird.
Then the hurricane from the north sweeps morsleys and blinds her hope.The glossy future now seems gloomy.The prospect of new wine,dashed in old skin.Hopes replaced with nolstagia and wedding veils becomes mourning pillow.
(c)copyright by Ikhalo Efose