(It’s 5.30 pm. There is a knockat the door. Funmi, now wearing an evening gown, opens it and finds Thompson by the door. He quickly hides the sharp knife in his hand in a small bag)
THOMPSON: Good evening. I am here to apologise for…for yesterday’s episode. I guess we didn’t meet on a good note.
FUNMI: (smiles) No problem. Apology accepted.
THOMPSON: is your husband home? I would like to say helloto him.
FUNMI: He is not yet back fromwork but you can wait for him.
THOMPSON: That’s a good idea.
(Thompson is seated in the well-furnished living room, sipping a drink.)
THOMPSON: What of the children?
FUNMI: they are back from school. They should be in their room busy with their assignments.
THOMPSON: Nice. A boy and a girl?
FUNMI: Exactly.
THOMPSON: Oh…well.
FUNMI: Yeah I know…lucky me. Or…would you like to meet them?
THOMPSON: of course. (She goes inside and comes back with two dolls! She places themgently on the sofa.)
FUNMI: Here they are. That’s Tade; he is in primary four bynow. The girl is Titi; she is about to leave primary school.So…
THOMPSON: (shocked) What the…? I asked for your…your children…not…not
FUNMI: Well, I’m happy you’ve met them. My husband always comes around six. I hope you can wait till then.
THOMPSON: (confused) I…I will try.
FUNMI: By the way, you scaredme yesterday when you walked up to me. You kind of sounded crazy…but you know…I just had to maintain my cool.
THOMPSON: Oh really?
FUNMI: Yes. Welcome to Ayedaade Street. You see, people here are strange. They just kind of avoid me and my family as if something is wrong with us but who cares? It’s not like I beg people to make a living. (Checks her wristwatch) Oh…it’s almost time. My darlingshould be around by now.
THOMPSON: Doesn’t he have acar because I can’t hear any sound of…?
FUNMI: (interrupts) Don’t worry; I always know when heis around. Tade and Titi, daddy is back. (She goes to open the door, and a dog runs inside barking. She closes the door gently and sits down.)
THOMPSON: Don’t tell me…
FUNMI: (cuts in) I think he is very tired and hungry now. I have to get him his food. You may have to come back tomorrow. I’m very sorry.
THOMPSON: Em…I see. (Swallows saliva and stands up, with his leg shaking) Thanks for the…the hospitality…and introduction toyour family.
FUNMI: (smiling) it’s my pleasure. I am very happy to finally have a friend on this street. I think we are like minds.
THOMPSON: Oh…indeed. (He walks briskly out of the house.)
FUNMI: We would be expectingyou some other time. Bye! Thechildren are also greeting you…
THOMPSON: Yeah…bye. (Startswalking towards his house quickly; talks silently) oh my God! Am I dreaming? That’s one hell of a classic mad woman!
‘I complained I had no shoes, notuntil I saw someone withoutlegs’.
By sholay