‘Am sorry’ were the first words i heard as i placed the receiver on my ear.I remained mute and i think i taunted her a little but she continued.’i just got so excited that you finally asked me out’ finally? Dear God! ‘and so when you didn’t mention anything about it in the first call,i felt terrible thinking you were toying with me.’she paused like she remembered a very important detail.’were you?’she asked with her voice sounding as serious as my mechanics prof.
I cleared my throat like an equal professor,crossed my legs from where i sat even if she couldn’t see me am sure she felt it,then i began my million dollar speech;more like a letter.
‘Dear mary,am sorrry you thought am that kind of guy.I sent you the text with full intention of wanting to go out with with you but somewhere along the line,i lost my nerves.I must have been so parochial not to have noticed the effect my stunt would have on you and despite the fact that i can’t replay the whole event in a more pleasand manner,i do apologize.As for you,you called me chickeny and beleive me,i felt like a chicken at that point.’she let out a loud laugh ‘But that’s beside the point.it was an unfair statement.I chose to forgive you though,but at a price.You don’t owe me an apology;that’s way too cheap.What you owe me is a date.Mary,will you be my date to the party?’