Smiling,he resumed his kiss beginning from her feet and worked his way up to her middle. He felt her shiver and muttered something.
“What?”he whispered into her ear, voice huskywith desire.
“Take me to the bedroom”Ebere said looking Seeing the
hunger in her eyes matching his restless desire, without hesitating he
carried her into the room.
Feeling exhilarated, Ebere stretched exhaustively. Bumping into someone
else on the bed got the memories of the previous night rushing back. They
had sex? Ebere startled indismay as the realization of what had happened
began to dawn on her. Howshe had done this? She muttered beneath her
breath as her senses began to return. How couldshe had led herself into
such a big mess, sleeping with the man who murderedher parents in cold
blood, and yet moan in pleasure as his hands caressed her, spinning her
senses differently from that night, the night he hadraped her? How could
she had enjoyed it as he plunged himself into her and rocked her deeper
than ever? How could she had done this? Betrayed her parents…betrayed their
memories. Soon, the tears of remorse began to roll uncontrollably from her
eyes. She sobbed silently in order not to wake him. Itwas obvious, she
scolded herself. She was no different from him, cold blooded and cruel to
the memories of her parents. But she had never wanted this. Or had she?Lying with him was never part of her plan even though the thought had
crossed her mind once or twice…..or thrice. True, shehad wanted to seduce
him and see if he had changed. A benefit of the doubt, she defended against
her conscience. If he had forced himself on her, thenwhat? Guess she
didn’t resist him enough tofind out. Well, that made her more pathetic and
lame, didn’t it? She buried her face in her hands and wept.
Regret, confusion, pain and bitterness all in one came rushing through her.
She sorted her mind for the one she was most familiar with. The one she
knew gave her strength, but it seemed gone. The hate she had held for so
long was gone. All that wasleft was emptiness. So what was she going to do
now? What’s going to happen? Two nights ago, she was so sure of what she
wanted but now, watching him sleep, so peacefully, so cute with absolutely
no clue, something had changed. But what changed? Would any of this change
who he is? She wasn’t naïve to think he had fallen in love with her too. He
was still an armed robber, very much the same beast even though he had been
gentle with her, teasing, licking and… “Oh Ebere, you are so pathetic” she
blunted out waking Femi.
“Huh?” he stirred trying tosit up.
“Hey, what are you doing awake?” he asked after noticing her sitting
upright next to him. He held a smile that could lightup a town. Did that
mean he loved having her by his side? Ebere scoffedat the thought.
“You shouldn’t try and sit up” she advised him sobbing, trying to fight
back the tears that were threatening to pour again.
“Hey, are you crying?” he asked concerned as he tried to raise up her head,
ignoring the limpness of his legs and the heavinesson his back. Ebere
pulled away from his touch.Swiftly, she pulled a chair closer to his side
of the bed and sat.
“Hey hey, did I do something wrong?” Femi asked again as he tried to sit
up, but couldn’t.
“Hey, what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I move?” he asked turning towards
her, eyes filled with fear.
“Sorry, you can’t. I slippedsome poison into your drink last night. It was
actually suppose to kill youin your sleep, but I’m surprised you are not
dead yet. Well, that means we’ve got time to talk” Ebere announced. All
traces of sadness and bitterness had vanished replaced with vengeance.
“You are kidding right?” Femi asked. The next movement he made got him
yelling in pain.
“I told you not to move, didn’t I?” Ebere asked crossing her legs
simultaneously resting her back against the chair.
“What did you do to me, you she-devil?”, Femi cursed uproariously at heras
excruciating pains shot through his body.
“Told you. You were supposed to die in your sleep but since you are awake,
it would cause you indescribable pains…then after you’ve suffered, I’ll
dump you on the streets and leave you to die” Ebere explained ominously.
Femi’s mouth dropped opened.
“But..But… but what did I doto you?” Femi stammered as the shock began to
settle in, and then there was another round of pain shooting through him.
“Good question. Last night,while we having sex, the look on face told me
you know the answer to that question. I was so afraid that you’ll remember
and then end everything, then probably kill me afterwards” Ebere explained.
“Huh? I don’t understand anything you are saying” Femi screamed. His limps
were on fire and tears began to run down his cheeks.
“Let’s just say payback is a bitch. You killed my parents, you moron! What
did they ever do to you? Why couldn’t you just takethe money and go? Why
did you have to murder them?” Ebere sparked throwing her anger at him with
her eyes blazing with rage