Femi couldn’t keep his eyes off her.How could he?When her massive boobs thatwere almost escaping from her nightwear blouse, were staring right at him, it was only fair he stared back. Watching her eat was just as arousing as watching each part of her body move. She dug into her meat, oblivious to the sauce stain left on her lips. Femi felthimself jolt up as heimagined his lips helping her off the stain.
“You aren’t eating your food”, Ebere observed from the corner of her eyes, interrupting his thoughts and startling him back from fantasy.
“Oh, well I’m on it. Trust me”, he answered smiling cunningly. Oh yeah, he was hungry but definitely not this kind of food. Tryingto dissuade his thoughts, he decided to bring up a conversation.
“So did you prepare this yourself?” Femi asked as he took a spoonful of the tasty meal, imagining Ebere tasting as good.
“Yea, hope you are enjoying it?” Ebere asked sipping her wine.
“Yes of course, it’s tasty. Can’t remember thelast time I had a decent meal” He answered, genuinely baffled that the rich girl had time to make a good meal. He thought anAjebolike her would have servants hovering around her like a chick without feathers. Surprisingly, he hadn’t noticed any. Maybe she had sent them home forthe day. Oh well, that meant they’vegot the whole house to themselves.Hmmm…Femi thought as asmirk painted his face.
“Why areyou smiling?” Ebere asked curiously.
“Nothing, can I use your bathroom please?” Femi asked standing up from his seat.
“Sure, there’s a guest room at the second door to your right, you can use the bathroom there”, Ebere answered pointing the direction.
“Thanks”, Femi smiled as he walked towards the direction he was given. The house was much bigger than he had guessed as he walked down the corridor. He wouldn’t need all the rooms, he speculated as he got into the guest room, just the one containing the safe.Seventeen years on the business had taught him that every wealthy person usually kepta safe where most of their money and exquisite jewelries were kept. Turning on the water, he dialed his pals and updated them on his progress so far: there were two entries/ exits, three bedrooms, target’s room was left down the corridor, would be back soon to provide more details, then he headed back to the sitting room, only tofind Ebere sitting on the sofa, with her legs crossed as she sipped more of her wine. She invited him to join her on the sofa offering him his own glass of wine. Soon they were locked in a brief conversation of themselves. Ebere gave him a fabricated detail and he too did the same.
“I’m so sorry about your parents’ death” Femi said sympathetically. Heunderstood what it meant to lose both parents. Unknown to anyone but his pals, his mum had passed away before he was a teenager. His elder sister and him barely knew their father only what they were told by their mother beforeshe had died of cancer.
“It’s okay, I’ve gotten over it” Ebere lied putting down her glass cup.
“Ebere, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you. Honestly it’s something I’ve been dying to do since the first time Isaw you. I hope youwouldn’t consider it too forward of me. Please, I don’t thinkI would want to leave here without doing it” Femi blunted out desperately. He wasn’t going to pretend anymore orcontinuing playing the gentleman’s card when it was quite obvious why he was there.
“Well, why don’t you ask and see if it’s something I can do”, Ebere asked smirking mischievously obviously aware of what he was going to ask but her thoughts were cut short.
Femi couldn’t stand it anymore. The bloodpopping through hisveins were already in a boiled state waiting for the steam to leap out from the surface and sitting in such proximity with her wasn’t helping matters either. Her alluring perfume was filling his senses already and her visible thighs crossed in an inviting gesture were more than he could take. His lips were on hers before he could even stop himself, not like he could anyway. He sucked at it hungrily and tohis surprise, she responded. They tasted much better than he had anticipated and he queried himself for ever hesitating before. His tongue was soon lost in hermouth, plowing every corner of it, savoring every taste, memorizing it. He moved closer to her, cupping her face as he dug deeper into her mouth until he couldn’t breathe. He felt a sigh escape his lips as she drove her hand through his hair urging him to continue. He replaced his tongueon her neck as he slipped his hands under her blouse squeezing her breast. Throwing her nightwear over her head, he took one into his mouth. He heard her moan in satisfaction, and then he moved to the other, tracing every part of it with his tongue until he felt it hard. His hands had involuntarily found their way to her thighs working expertly at teasing every fiber of her flesh. Taking his mouth off her breast, he heard her murmur in complaint………