By then, Ebere was already in tears. She had seen him with the gun pointed
at her mother and had thought….Oh God!!!!!!!!1
“See I told you, I didn’t kill your parents” Femi admitted eyes filled with
so much regret, that he was being punished for something he never did and
now he was going to die.
Ebere burst into a wail as she stood there and watched him cough out blood,
pleading with her for the antidote.
She looked up to him “There is none Femi, none.I’m so sorry”
And then, he woke up.
Femi jolted off his bed in panic as he roamed his hands all over his body
to check if he was truly alright and all of it had really been a dream, a
terrible nightmare.
“Hey Hey Hey!…what is it? What?” Shade asked frightened by his sudden
“Nothing nothing, it was just a nightmare. A nightmare” he answered as
relief washed over his face.
Written by Iwediokpulu Quincy..