“What the hell are you talking about? Your parents? What do I have to do
with their deaths?” Femi shouted back at her with his whole body screaming
for rescue.
“Nine years ago in Abuja, Maitama? Alright, let me refresh your memory. I
was in my room when I hadthis urge to pee, so I went to the toilet.
Getting back, I found you there in my room. You pointed a gun to my face
and ordered me to take you to my dad’s safe. I was so frightened. I pleaded
with you not to hurt me, not to hurt my parents. You ordered me to be
silent and I tried to. I took you to my dad’s safe. Didn’t know and still
don’t know how you figured out the combination. But right before you took
the money, you ordered me to lie on my dad’s bed and spread my legs. I
pleaded with you but instead you hit me….hit me so hard that I felt blood
gushing out of my mouth. Still I refused….. Ebere paused to catch her
breath. The tears began tostream down her face…
“Then I forced you down and raped you. God! I knewI had met you before.
Why didn’t I remember your face? Shit! Last night when we made love, you
looked so familiar, I saw flashes of you that night…God!” Femi shook his
head in anguish…”Why didn’t I see it before, why didn’t I?
“And then you left me bleeding on the bed and shot my parents”, Ebere
continued “what did they ever do to you? Was it their fault they were
wealthy? Why couldn’t youjust take the money and leave?” Ebere cried out
“and to think I was falling…”She couldn’t let herself finish off the
sentence. She knew it was pointless. He was going to die and there was
nothing she could do aboutit. The poison wasn’t reversal and she wouldn’t
be a coward…she intended to finish what he had started.
“Shoot them? I didn’t shootthem…Ebere I swear to you, I didn’t shoot
them”, Femi denied as he pleaded with Ebere to get him the antidote.
“There isn’t any antidote. Even if I take you to the hospital, the doctors
will never know what reallykilled you. The cause of death would be
epilepsy and along the line, they will also discoveryou are an armed
robber, a murder and a beast” Ebere concluded standing up and began to
dress up.
“No, no Ebere, I swear to you, I swear, I never shoot your parents. True, I
raped you. But I wasn’t theone who killed your parents and I’ll prove it
to you, please let me prove it to you” Femi pleaded, shaken at what was
happening to him. He still couldn’t believe it. Previous night, why they
had made love, he had hada sense of comfort, of reality. For the first
time, he felt he had truly found the person, the one person that could
truly satisfy him. As he rode deeper into her, he thought he saw it too in
her eyes, the truthfulness,the innocence, purity and realness and for the
first time with a woman, he felt like he was actually making “love” to the
woman he was going to worship. Now, he felt like he’d been dreaming, stuck
in a world of fantasy where beasts end up with princesses. God! He’d been
so stupid, so stupid to think he was beginning to fall in love with Ebere.
The same woman he had molested, what kind of animal had he been?
“Liar, you devil! Don’t you dare lie to me. I saw you pull the trigger on
them” Ebere cried horrifiedat his lies. She knew what she saw….
“I swear to you, ok let me prove it, just let me proveit, give me the
antidote, I beg of you” Femi pleaded…right now that was all he could do to
get out of the mess he’d brought upon himself.
“Do you think I’m that stupid so that when you get better you come after
me? And like I keep telling you, there isn’t any serumto rescue you from
dying, you’ve got only fifteen minutes I think” Ebere said cold hearted as
she looked up on the clockwhich read 3:30am.
“God! I swear to You Ebere, please let me proveit to you. My phone…call
the last number, then I’ll put it on loud speaker, youwill hear the
murderer speak, you’ll see” Femi begged as tearsbegan to flood down his
face. Warning him that if hewere mentioned anything about what was
happening or say anythingrelating to be subject, she would never give him
the antidote. Taking the phone from his trousers, she dialed the last
number and held it to Femi.Pressing the loud speaker button, it rang a few
times and then…
“Bullet, how far na where you dey?” the voice spoke
“My guy I dey…” Femi paused as he saw Ebere cross her lips and then her
“So you dey your room, make we come finish the business?” The voice asked..
“No no…hmm I wan ask youquestion. You remember that business wey we do for
Abuja nine years back. ForMaitama…shey na you kill the couples wey we see”
Femi asked trying to withstand the pain raging through him.
“Which kind question you dey ask me? I dey talk business you dey talk of
those old fools wey nearly make police catch us that day. The old man no
gree let me you know…withhim wife, begin drag gun with me, na the trigger
go off. The wife come dey beg make e phone ambulance. I tell her say make
she no try am,she no hear,na I shoot her,na you come collect the gun
from my hand na?”Femi dropped the call