Writerstab is your first choice ebulletine poised to bring you only the richest contents.Writerstab is not just about literature: we are versatile.We stretch through all genres,ranging from literature,articles,self-improvement,contests listing among others.We are a team of the best and serve only the best to the bests!
UPCOMING: Writerstab would run series in episodes for your pleasure.Also to give you the chance to carve a niche,we will accept worthy series from writers.Email us series/story/drama/et al.
THE WRITER MAGAZINE: The writer magazine is writerstab envisaged ezine.We intend to compile priceless and mouth-watering freebies all in an electronic magazine plus writeup from our readers which would be weekly,monthly or quaterly.
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currently we dont have a feasible ad-plan but we would run a featured post at ur request for a token!